INSTAGRAM Post Ideas for Various Businesses. Part I.

In the current environment of social media boosted activity and increased value, Instagram occupies a position as one of the most popular SM platforms ever. It is all about ‘know-like-trust’ formula. Instagram is a mix of professional and branded with personal and funny.   

Why Instagram? It is: 

  • easy to use; 
  • engaging;
  • popular; 
  • highly visual; 
  • and much more. 

In order to use the majority of the above features maximally efficiently and to the point, the post ideas below have been carefully chosen and presented. 


As it has been already mentioned, Instagram works visually; ‘visual matters’ is one of the leading mottos of the platform. Logically, it sounds great to start your content strategy planning with:  


They could be: 

  • cozy interior images; 
  • branded photos; 
  • multiple photos (e.g. public event, open house, round-and-about tour, etc.); 
  • colorful chart based on your team’s latest activities, achievements, challenges. 


The promotion aspect should be quick but quite cinematic. It could be either: 

  • neighboring view;  
  • landscape;  
  • house interior or exterior, etc.  

Regarding the fact that Instagram offers automatic video running as the users scroll through their newsfeed ribbon, the feedback has all the chances to be enhanced considerably. 

Text posts 

Such posts are advised to be short and simple to resonate with your target audience. It is not necessarily certain promotion moves or anything like that. It could be seasonal postings about local events/happenings/changes. It should be noted, that people are very likely to get interested in such ‘local’ announcements and stay on your page longer than initially planned. 


  • how-to’s; 
  • takeaways; 
  • marketing tips; 
  • discounts/special offers. 


Beauty industry as a visual business is supposed to be found on Instagram by all means. It can be perfectly covered through: 



All the photos are to be characterized by professionalism and proper lighting; they should address most requested color and styles looks and have a clean background to make hair showcase: 

  • new beauty industry trend; 
  • latest hairstyles/makeup modelling samples; 
  • interior/exterior of the very salon; 
  • innovative beauty line skin/hair/body care products, etc. 

Images-Videos Interaction 

Few-second videos will add to the photos more character and life. To that end, the users can freely use Boomerang or Ripl. Remember though: do not over-filter. Leave to your subscribers a feeling of reality and authenticity. 

Audience engagement 

  • Linking;  
  • sharing; 
  • tagging; 
  • commenting; 

all these are good at telling the customers you respect them and show interest in their activities.  


How to choose the most relevant ones? 

  • Find trending and matching hashtags; 
  • put them in the commenting section, not just discussion; 
  • choose the ones with low competition. 


More loyal following and more increasing engagement undermines more reach on Instagram. Fitness Clubs post ideas may cover: 

  • fitness posts; 
  • diet advice; 
  • workout ideas; 
  • relaxation/recovery/wellbeing; 
  • promotion oriented content on special offers/discounts/deals, etc. 


High quality photos 

Carousel posts will be great to add more story and mobility to the message. 


Use them responsible and preferable several of them at once; remember about balance and uniqueness. A good idea will be to find out your personal hashtag and use it everytime the post is being made. For instance, it could be your facility name or alike.  

  • Geolocation tags  

Put such hashtags everytime you or your team member/client demonstrate some info on Instagram. It definitely enhances the visibility of the service you present. 

  • Local hashtags 

Google search will serve you just perfectly here. 

Instagram stories

Quite a useful feature active for 24 hours only. Could be: 

  • interactive questions, polls; 
  • funny/silly moments; 
  • use hashtags; 
  • add URL (as a very convenient and fast way to switch from Instagram to your website). 

Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Unfold are the apps offering Instagram stories templates. Use them freely.  

Static Instagram posts 

Posts that are immovable and long-term demand more attention and effort. They should be well-thought, high-quality and visually attractive. Understandably, the posts are suggested to be relevant to your business ideas and workflow in general: 

  • diet/recipes; 
  • promotions; 
  • certain challenges schemes; 
  • team member of the week/month; 
  • and a lot more. 


The hospitality sphere has definitely its niche on Instagram. Concentrate on: 

Photos and videos (high quality ones to make them stand out from the others): 

  • aimed at destination points education. 

Instagram ‘Stories’/Live/IGTV: 

  • sharing breathtaking photos and videos of the landscapes, etc.; 
  • behind-the-scenes insight; 
  • a new product/service launching; 


  • posting a real-life story from beginning till the end; 
  • utilizing all of the ‘Stories” features such as hashtags, local tags, stickers and so on. 

UGC campaigns 

To create a proper and right user-generated content, use tagged photos or some geotagged material on your Instagram feed. Always ask for permission before sharing and leave a credit on your posts afterward. In fact, peer-reviews are powerful on the platform with branded hashtags being a big plus to the campaign: 

  • packed suitcases images to decide on the destination planned; 
  • visitors’ photos sharing; 
  • competitions creation. 


With Instagram your healthcare-oriented business would look engaging, interesting and highly appealing to the followers. What exactly content to post to achieve the goal? Follow the tips below: 

  • attractive photos – not necessarily professionally made; 
  • treatment session short clips accompanied by a short explanation; 
  • capture the most attractive parts of your clinic – they usually appeal to the customers; 
  • special offers/ innovations/interesting deals sharing (new procedure, new device, etc.); 
  • useful tips/healthy diet; 
  • company updates; 
  • holiday celebrations; 
  • use popular hashtags; 
  • share and publish your employees’ stories/perspectives/interviews/activities; 
  • charity/donations/free trainings; 
  • utilize IGTV feature to upload up to 1-hour length stories. 

All-in-all, be creative and fun! Your audience will appreciate this. Show your sphere of interest by coming to it from another angle: visualization and interaction. Make every day and mainstream things out-of-ordinary, dynamic and unique. 

Master Instagram and the results won’t take long. Hope the ideas mentioned would serve you best. We, in VAfromEurope, are always glad to be of some use and provide you with both pure consultations and practical business assistance.