July Social Media Digest

Traditionally, we are back with the July SM digest to keep you up to date and to provide you with another chance to become even more successful with your social media activities and promotion strategies. This time we will speak about last SM updates and features as well as certain educational moments and public awareness boosting.  


The Instagram ’shopping’ experience is gaining momentum, and this time it is all about the on-platform addition of a new ‘shop’ feature. It seems to look like a ‘gradual revolution’ of the Instagram shopping set of initiatives. The section is oriented at showcasing a number of items to buy in one newsfeed line.  

Instagram Shop is a kind of a destination point where any willing business can freely find and choose appealing brands across the whole platform. It promises to become even more personalized and interest-adjusted with the new section added.  

Today, the Instagram Shop is undergoing testing in the US with global perspectives shortly. 

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TikTok is on the way with its app updates as well despite all the overriding debates over its unclear future. ‘Gamified Brand Effect’ will allow enhancing TikTok clips with the branded games templates. To that end, the platform offers more than 20 templates, which could be easily customized with various brand elements. The effect will make your TikTok activities more engaging, in particular, for younger audiences. TikTok for Business platform (recently launched) is the very place where the new templates will be available for the users. 

One may find here a striking similarity between TikTok’s ‘Gamified Brand Effect’ and Snapchat’s ‘Lens Web Builder’. And he/she will be absolutely right: Snapchat’s feature mentioned seems to be the ‘elder brother’ of the TikTok’s update, due to the variety and multifunctionality of the first. Nevertheless, ‘Gamified Brand Effect’ has all the chances for the existence in the world of social media and has significant potential for development and expansion. 

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Meet Facebook and its Workplace new features. As the work pace is gaining traction notwithstanding all the misunderstandings and current scrutiny the platform has experienced, its WP Chat and dark mode options are being updated.   

As a result, Workplace chat will be: 

  • easier to use; 
  • much more responsive and relevant for the remote work; 
  • faster; 
  • smaller than the current one. 

Utilizing familiar Facebook tools and options for a professional sphere is quite pleasant. Consequently, more and more businesses are considering the remote options Facebook offers. If you are one of them, hurry up to be among the first to use Workplace updated. 

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Besides the service updates, Facebook has been active in its audience educating direction. ‘Summer of Support’ is its business training and insights program, which is ending in a couple of weeks. In the framework of the program, on the agenda of the last week of July, there was the following: 

  • how to move forward and to use the resources you have in order to stay afloat in post-Covid-19 business environment; 
  • how to use updated e-commerce tools most effectively to bring more purchasing power to your customers; 
  • how to create enthusiastic and breathtaking content; 
  • how to launch and use Facebook Pixel on your website; 
  • how to create, improve and promote your interactive content on the website; 
  • and more. 

The session is believed to be particularly beneficial for newcomers and those not experienced enough in Facebook’s ‘inner environmental processes’. If you missed the translation, never mind: you can always look it through via the Boost of Facebook Session (no Facebook logging on is necessary). 

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All of us are forced to adapt to a ‘new reality’ no one has either expected or even imagined. Mask wearing is one of the main obligatory measures we are to live with for an unspecified time period. How many of you have spent a while searching for a mask to be aesthetic, comfortable and safe? Were you looking through DIY videos or ready mask catalogs provided? Hope you found the mask of your dream and now you are ready to showcase it on a newly created ‘board’ timed to mask fashion concept by taking part in a “Make a Statement Mask” challenge inside the Pin community. The campaign launched aims at promoting mask-wearing to slow the virus spread and to highlight the most popular and demanded mask creators. The idea appeared as a result of a huge search raising splash on the platform.  

The recently launched challenge will definitely add to the public awareness of the mask-wearing importance under the existing conditions, won’t it? 


Growing demand gives birth to an extended supply chain. The demand satisfaction is one of the rules for success in any market place you find yourself in. LinkedIn is quite an experienced player in the field of social media, so it publishes a guide to its Live and Events as a reaction to a growing demand for the tools mentioned. The guide is a second one and is believed to be a supplementary instruction with a number of moments being clarified, expanded and supplemented: 

  • more insight into the increase in the virtual Events usage together with the uprising challenges and issues; 
  • helpful pointers from their senior Streaming Producer  on how to maximize your streams; 
  • a new case study to demonstrate how the Adobe team utilized LinkedIn Events; 

If you want to make your presence on the platform more successful and significant, the guide is worthy to look through. 

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All for now. Let summer make you happy with nice weather and good mood. In case of any questions/clarifications, feel free to contact Us. 

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