TikTok Ideas for Businesses

If you happen to be familiar with TikTok, you must have a kind of a teenager somewhere in your house/ close environment. Why? The answer is simple: the platform has been initially meant for teenagers to post their engaging short musical clips. Yet, even now, four years later, TikTok is mainly characterized as a generation Z place to express, show and popularize themselves. 

Recently, TikTok has become really useful for various businesses to promote and, consequently, get their profits. The social media platform can be benefited as: 

  • quite a still and uncovered marketing territory; 
  • relevantly low business competition; 
  • a perfect way to make yourself familiar with the generation Z while treating the world as they do. 

Logically, a good number of businesses would be strongly recommended to download and try TikTok to find their leads. How? Why? The answers to these and other questions alike can be found in the course of our line of discussion.  

Promote your real estate business in a whole new way. Whether you want to advertise new mansion, a small room in a block of flats, or whatsoever, do not ignore TikTok app but maximize the new opportunities. How? Look below. 

Brand dance creation 

Dancing? Real estate? Yes, you’re right. Open new horizons and think out of the box. TikTok is all about interaction and fun. Short video creation is a must here. Think how to present your business through dance movements, matching sound and background.  While making the dance, be creative and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What exactly would you like the audience to get to know about your business features? 
  • What is your end goal (win followers, get popularity, sell your business, etc.)? 

Finally, make your short-choreographed dance clip engaging no matter how many people take part in it. 

Think out your audio strategy 

A shareable, usable and appealing audio clip would be another perfect marketing move on the TikTok. Choose something your target audience would get attracted to and share. It could be one of the popular hits from well-known musicals or movies the platform offers. What is more, do not forget to make your short audio product somehow relevant to your sphere of activity. All in all, if still no idea looms on the horizon, you can always tap ‘Discover’ button and choose right categories to make a bright audio clip of yours. 

Short stories of your clients 

Such content has always been highly engaging and appealing to any audience. The faces of happy customers who are talking about a successful purchase they have made with your brand can leave no one indifferent. Although TikTok video clip lasts 15 seconds only, you can make several of them up to 60 seconds in total. Real estate professionals are well aware of such clips value and frequently use them while on the platform. 

Catch TikTok trends and Participate 

TikTok active users adore new trends. Try hard to be familiar with them as well in case you want high ranking and wide engagement. The trends are numerous and change very fast. To keep up with them and not to get lost, the video-sharing platform offers ‘Discover’ page. So, get involved in the latest trends and participate. Stay tuned and go in pace with Z generation; you will notice positive dynamics shortly. 

Educate the audience 

Do you remember buying or merely choosing any property for the first time? What a tricky and nervous issue it used to be! It is really hard to decide on a place to choose for a living, so be gentle and understanding. Help and educate those in need. Provide some video tips: 

  • when is the best period to make a real estate purchase (maybe certain discounts, bonuses, etc.); 
  • how to make your apartments balanced and live there in harmony; 
  • how to make a proper decision; 
  • and many more. 

Keep in mind: your content is not to be perfectly polished and flawless, make it casual and bright instead.  

Unique and humorous content. Beauty dressed with joy, playfulness and fun. Something breathtaking and completely new. Interesting? Then beauty content post ideas for TikTok are for you: 

  • beauty hacks (hair tips, make up videos, press-on nails and so on); 
  • clothes trying-on; 
  • trending dances (related to your business); 
  • lip-sync battle videos; 
  • live streaming campaigns, etc. 

P.S. make your beauty-focused videos bright and eye-catching; add relevant hashtags to drive traffic and make them shareable to get more popularity. 

TikTok is rapidly driving growth and popularity. TikTok is the only top 5 SM apps not owned by Facebook. Tik Tok offers a perfect chance to ‘make friends’ with Z generation. Even these three statements are highly seductive for hospitality sector professionals who care about their business development with TikTok online.  

Content Is a King 

Remember this! TikTok offers short video clips with a great possibility to add text and choose the music you prefer. What is more, it provides versatile frameworks to choose from. Breathtaking landscapes, relevant music, engaging texting….and there you are: a good number of visitors to find themselves in the fairytale they saw. 

Hashtags Matter  

The value of proper hashtags is well known. Remember adding them every time you made a certain TikTok content. #TikTokTravel is one of the most popular samples, which can freely be modified depending on the country you live in. Choose hashtags relevant to your area, interests, business, etc. 

Partner with Influencers 

Find the right ones and interact with them (either experienced TikTokers or celebrities) to become more visible, gain more trust and reliability.  

Meet challenges 

#TikTokTravelChallenge… Such a hashtag should be on your SM page due to its wide popularity. So, create a hashtag as well as an end prize or any other end goal and make it go viral. Also, you can make hashtag challenges linking in the framework of a hashtag takeover activity. 

Tik Tok serves good for fitness brand promotion. Really good. Whether you are a fitness club owner/administrator/trainer/instructor, you can always add more value and visibility to your business on the platform through: 

TikTok Video clips 

Topics suggested: 

  • trending work out in a gym; 
  • best fitness ideas and tips 2020; 
  • check your physical state; 
  • celebrities about Fitness; 
  • and a lot more. 

Hashtag challenges 

You can either take part in the existing challenges or create your own. Ideas: 

  • it could be ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures connected to a losing weight marathon; 
  • favorite morning activity competition, etc. 

Influencers partnering 

Find the right one; health/wellness oriented Tik Tok influencers. 

Branded Tik Tok Ads 

TikTok offers four main ads categories and each of the four can be boldly used for your fitness branding: 

  1. Create and promote your own branded lenses (filters). Make them unique, creative, interesting and appealing – your audience will appreciate and apply in their videos. 
  1. Hashtag challenges. Promote your club hashtag challenges – boost your business image. 
  1. Infeed Native Content. It is like Instagram stories. Post looping content and get feedback. It could be videos, images, GIFs, etc. Video views, impressions, tracking clicks will measure your campaign’s success. 
  1. Brand takeovers. Work out something really funny, interactive and amusing with embed links to either landing pages or hashtag challenges.  

TikTok is a second to none place for food bloggers. Bright, highly interesting, engaging and appealing videos with trending music and… bingo: you rock! 

Video ideas? No problem: 

  • delicious meals preparing; 
  • tasty food ideas and new recipes; 
  • kitchen hacks (e.g. how to squeeze lemon juice easy, and alike). 

Remember about hashtags, influencers partnering and TikTok ad campaigns using (see above). 

Together, the suggestions mentioned will bring considerable use and make a difference to your branding by all means. A portion of time and effort and the reward is right here around the corner.  

Have you already ‘made friends’ with TikTok? If not, let us help You make the ‘friendship’ truly mutual and highly beneficial. Contact VAfromEurope at