September Social Media Digest

And again, we are moving on with our SM column comprising the most actual and useful news pulled out for you. New features on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others will definitely serve you best and help you stay in line with everything innovative and engaging. Let us roll. 

Instagram May Soon Let You Add Links to Image Captions With a Fee 

Those active on Instagram must have felt the platform lacking the capability to add a clickable link to the image captions. According to the current rules, only the users who have at least 100,000 followers can benefit from such a feature. The rest, unfortunately, do not have such an option available.  

To look back, Instagram’s parent company Facebook has such a feature activated while the very Instagram is limited on one. As a reaction to all the criticism received, Facebook is planning to add it to the latter. 

Every link generation will be available in exchange for a fee only. The fee is anticipated to be $2 approx. in the near future; clickable linking activation is bound to prevent excessive linking and make Instagram more functional than we have it today. 

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Instagram Reels Getting Longer Videos, Extended Timer, New Edit Features 

There appeared Instagram Reels only a couple of months later than TikTok with its viral video feature was launched. They used to last not more than 15 seconds. Presently, Instagram has decided to expand the duration of the clips up to 30 seconds along with the timer extension up to 10 seconds, a possibility to delete or modify clip, and a number of other updates.  

The latest updates of Reels are announced via Twitter and are aiming to make the whole process of creating, modifying and recording a video clip smoother and simpler. The updates awaited are announced to be available to all users soon. 

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LinkedIn Rolls Out Redesign With Stories + More 

All of us have witnessed LinkedIn popularity growth. To meet the needs and demands arising, the platform has decided to change the design and make it more human connections fostering oriented. To that end, the following updates were made: 

  1. overall design refreshment (less of blue color and much more freedom in all the directions targeted at easy navigation and faster discovery)); 
  1. LinkedIn Stories update (the point is quite different from the other social networks and have a couple of additional tools integrated, e.g. unique stickers and questions of the day); 
  1. improved search result (the results obtained are considerably streamlined and expanded to cover all the aspects on the platform); 
  1. messaging system enhanced ( enriched with emojis, video meeting option and delete/edit buttons). 

All the updates mentioned above are already available, check LinkedIn for their practical appliance. 

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LinkedIn Updates Marketing Partner Program with New Specialty Categories 

Being active on LinkedIn but need some assistance with content creation, brand growth and lead conversion? Catch the piece of news then! LinkedIn has announced certain updates on its Marketing Partners program, which is bound to help your find the experts needed and monitor every aspect of your business marketing strategy creation and promotion, a so-called update on specialties. 

To be more exact, the update consists of several distinct sub-divided focus areas: 

  • Page Marketing: an effective publishing strategy maintenance with less time and resource needed; 
  • Audiences: LinkedIn native targeting enhancement; 
  • Creative &Content: best content and best creative aiming at higher rates; 
  • Campaign Management: your ads better optimization and functionality; 
  • Lead Generation: automated routing of leads to the platform to save on time and get immediate sales; 
  • Reporting &ROI: robust reporting system building with performance data and ROI visualization providing; 
  • Insights: to uncover the best possible information for your content building and LinkedIn campaign. 

In case you are planning to improve your marketing campaign on the platform in 2020 and your budget allows you to do so, you are highly recommended to use the updates provided. 

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Facebook Publishes New Guide for Video Creators 

Recently, Facebook has published 14-page instructions on video content creating and promoting. The guide has two main sections with a number of tips added to each of them: 

  1. the art of right content making: highlight, go live, organize, repost, etc.; 
  1. how to engage even more audience or create one on the platform: be active, use stickers, add a poll, host, go live, etc. 

The very guide on Facebook video strategies is very practical and easy to get and visualize. So, it is highly recommended to use. 

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Pinterest Launches Story Pins & More New Tools 

Granting that you have never worked with Pinterest, you may decide to give it a try with new major updates upcoming. The social media service offers: 

  1. new Pinterest Stories; 
  1. a set of new features. 

Pinterest Stories 

With this new feature, one can easily and quickly publish their video stories directly to Pinterest and get more followers than he/she/used to. Stories are very dynamic and visual and give a possibility to record any video clip while enriching it with an image, texting, hashtags, and a number of other visual effects. Why hashtags? There is something that makes the newly launched video service of Pinterest different from the other social channels: Pinterest Stories are permanent; they do not disappear after 24 hours and you can uncover them any time you need.  

Besides Pinterest Stories debut, the service launches certain messaging features as well as Pinterest Analytics tool. 

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This monthly SM digest is over for now. See you in a month with more updates and novelties from the world of Social Media. Turn to Us in case you have any questions.