October Social Media Digest

In spite of colder evenings and low sun, the world of social media does not lose momentum but, continues with even more useful and interesting suggestions, solutions and offerings. This time, we are going to dwell on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others to ‘warm you up’ and keep you updated. Actually, as we always do, or at least, try to. 

YouTube Adds New Viewing Option, Improved Chapters and Simpler Format Switching 

YouTube has decided that it’s a high time it should update its playback options. So, catch new tweaks such as: 

  • easier turn on and switch on captions: the very button on the phone video player; 
  • new chapters listing moments; 
  • faster and easier clip moments/parts finding; 
  • a new simplified way to access a full-screen mode: just swipe up and find it. 

P.S.: Back in May, the YT was out with the first chapters’ updates, including video clips segmenting, the timeline expansion and descriptions providing. 

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LinkedIn Adds New Tools to Help Job Seekers 

LinkedIn, as a professional social network, has felt it to be its direct duty to help those job-cut amidst the pandemic lockdown. Actually, the platform has succeeded in finding one of the most painful and most needy moments to serve people and help them out. What is more, considering the latest reports, the number of users on LinkedIn has risen up to 722 million people, which is believed to be the top one during the past several months period.  

In the framework of the new updates, there is a LinkedIn Career Explorer, which identifies your skills and shows your most prospective career path. More precisely, it comprises: 

  • mapping your skills; 
  • outlining the careers one could transit into; 
  • highlighting additional skills; 
  • training courses by LinkedIn providing. 

Additional bonuses offered are as follows: 

  • updated report on top skills to get professional; 
  • expanded interview preparation tools and recommendations. 

All-in-all, the LinkedIn updates discussed sound quite logical and timely. They are believed to make difference to the level of people’s employment in the current environment. 

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  • Be always positive and purpose-oriented. Presently, social media users are searching for something entertaining and positive to distract from everyday problems and gloomy atmosphere. Clearly define your main goals and message them on a positive and promising note. 
  • Add something new and extraordinary. With an increased presence online, every seller has got brilliant chance to get more profitable. Offer your new products/services and advertise them properly. 
  • Focus on connection. Keep in touch with your target audience every moment, by keeping them updated on any changes, innovations and alike taking place within your business. Feeling your attention grants users’ increased interest and better feedback. 
  • Finally, Twitter singles out certain occasions being tapped into (e.g. Christmas, Halloween, etc.) as well as live-streaming service to boost connection. 

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Instagram Extends Length Limit for Instagram Live Broadcasts 

Instagram has recently made a decision to focus on its users’ needs and, thus,expanded its limit on live streaming from 1 to 4 hours. Why? …you’d ask. Everything is simple: a pure adaptation to a new everyday reality with an increased number of people turning to Instagram Live for virtual communication. The point is, the Instagram users shifted from personally hosted events to live streaming. The given update is to help out those in need to get accustomed to new society demands painlessly. 

Moreover, the IGTV section is announced to be updated as well.  

Additionally, Instagram is planning to launch an option allowing live streams archiving for up to 30 days. Consequently, you get a chance to publish/share your video on other SM platforms (e.g. Facebook, TikTok, and others). 

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Facebook is Officially Expanding its Gaming Focus 

Good news for gamers! Particularly those on Facebook! In light of the recent gaming popularity increase, Facebook gives life to a new set of cloud-streamed games on Android and on the web. Unfortunately, the owners of the iOS operated phones do not have such an option available because of a number of functionality restrictions by Apple concerning Facebook apps.  

With the new feature, the users get expanded access to the gaming service across their screens.  

Moreover, Facebook is going on with its negotiations with Apple regarding the availability of games within Facebook apps. 

Last but not least, as an additional bonus, the platform announces a playable ad type for the games promotion and engagement boosting. 

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WhatsApp Launches New Business Features 

Back in 2014, when Facebook bought WhatsApp, it had its own plans regarding the service based on monetization, business messaging and ads implementing. In the course of time, these plans turned out not to be working and Facebook decided to change the tactics and focus on sailing/purchasing direction instead with some of them charging extra fees. Namely: 

  • the development of eCommerce tools; 
  • managing business WhatsApp messages via Facebook hosting services; 
  • updated notifications on consumer-to-business trading based on Facebook hosting, etc. 

Due to its massive character, WhatsApp has all chances to hit the mark and get into leaders in many regions of the world. This is where exactly the application is headed, and with all these enhancements implemented, it could well be in the right direction. 

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