5 Best Copywriting Tips to Attract an Audience

Let me guess! You’re probably a business owner, if you are reading our blog. Nowadays no one doubts the importance of Social Media and your business presence on it. No marketing strategy can do without it in order to achieve its ultimate success. It comes in handy for raising your brand awareness, reaching new customers or simply keeping those old ones engaged. So, what are the best copywriting tips?

All in all, Social Media presence is aimed at getting your message across. Every successful marketing strategy requires tons of copywriting and skills, no matter what you are writing for: your website, blog or ads. Thus copywriting is crucial for every kind of business. However, there are some basic tips that might be of great help if you’re a kind of new to copywriting yourself or your employee’s job needs improvement.

Be creative

First of all, what’s your goal? More traffic to your website? If the answer is “yes”, you should be aware of the fact that there is too much of the daily info running on your reader’s screen, so you’ve got up to a few seconds to catch reader’s attention.

The key to getting 8 readers out of 10 is a catchy and clear headline, which is also rich in keywords. It has been proven that an average reader grasps the first and a couple of last words of a headline. So, you know what to do. You might also consider using subheadings, because the vast majority of readers just skim the text. Thus, relevant subheadings will help your readers find the necessary info.

Using numbers in your headline also draws extra attention to your piece of writing.

Be persuasive

It’s no secret that Social Media helps break that invisible barrier between your company and the customers. Isn’t that your ultimate goal? So you’ll have to find the powerful and inspiring words. By the way, there are plenty of editing tools and apps to eliminate jargon, powerless or unnecessary words. For instance, some free applications can even help you simplify some of the sentences, which are hard to read.

Be concise

Being concise does not equal being short. According to a recent study Long Form Content gets more likes and shares. Besides that it ranks much higher in Google search and thus boosts you SEO. By publishing a longread you get enough words to put the long tail keywords in, which are easily ranked by Google, while most of the companies tend to use common query terms.

But this is relevant only to your blog page. The whole website should be broken up into separate, easy to read sections.

So, is a piece of 1000+ or 3000+ words long enough? Mostly, 2000+ word article is enough to create high quality content and perform best.

Be consistent

It is much easier said than done, but you really have to remain consistent. Consistency keeps your readers on the hook. Usually, one article a week is enough to give you plenty of material for SM posts. The same goes with your company’s email campaigns and weekly newsletters. Don’t’ spam, just be consistent.

Be engaging

Surely, you want your writing to convert. Now that you’ve raised brand awareness, triggered your customers’ interest and created strong desire, it’s time for you to persuade your customers to take action. Besides that, knowing what your CTA is makes writing much easier. Call-to-action varies depending on your content. You could ask a reader to leave a comment, share it to any SM or sign up for your newsletter etc. Anyway, don’t hesitate to ask your readers to do exactly what you want them to.

Keeping abreast of all new Social Media trends is sometimes a hell of a job and writing might not be one of your talents. No worries! You don’t have to do everything by yourself. There are plenty of Virtual Assistant Services like VAfromEurope to give you a hand with routine business tasks like copywriting.