January Social Media Digest

New Year suggests a new experience. Our life is constantly changing so are Social Media, thus more and more features rolled out last month. Here are the latest updates you need to be familiar with in January 2021. 

Facebook redesigns the Pages 

In order to make it more intuitive, a new Page Layout was introduced. It aims at making posts, bios, and any other important info more clear. Instead of having both options of liking and following the Page, Facebook leaves only “Followers”. Focusing on Page Followers will simplify the way people connect with the Pages they like.  

This new Facebook feature is going to make life easier for both: Page Admins and private users since, switching between Page and personal profile has been simplified.      

New Facebook Post Composer is being tested 

It is not much of a change actually, but rather a refinement of a posting process. It becomes visual-focused, which means your Camera Roll will be displayed right below your composing frame. This new feature makes certain sense since photo and video content is getting more engagement. Though it’s not a significant update, it might add some smoothness to the process.    

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 Facebook Automated Alt Text Process Update 

AAT process was first launched in 2016 in order to make visual content more readable for vision-impaired users. It is actually the process of automated identification of the objects within the visual content by means of the machine learning process. From now on there is an expanded number of concepts, detectable and identifiable by AAT: landmarks, animals, activities, etc. This update might have more implications though like helping advertisers in reaching their potential customers.    

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Instagram removes the option to share Feed Posts to Stories 

Instagram is constantly updating, and now it wants users to focus on the content they post.  At the end of January, some selected users received a notification that they were deprived of the ability to share a feed post to their stories. It makes a certain sense since you’re able to see the users’ IG story at the top if you follow them, but if you do, it means you see their feed anyway. This might be a bit frustrating, thus Instagram is looking to improve the user’s experience of interacting with an App. 

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 Instagram tests a new option 

This time the Unhide Total Likes Counts are being tested, which means that users will be able to show the total likes number again. Let us remind. This option was removed in 2019 so as to reduce competition between easily impressed young users. 

LinkedIn adds new control toolbar     

 This new feature allows users to control who sees and comments on their posts. Now you’ve got three options to choose who can interact with your feed: “anyone”, “connections only”, and “no one”. There is one more useful feature, which enables you to remove unwanted users or Company Pages from your feed by clicking the “mute” option. 

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LinkedIn Marketing Labs 

LinkedIn provides education on LinkedIn Advertising Tools. Here you can access all the necessary educational information on how to use LinkedIn marketing tools to reach your goal. The courses are provided by the in-house specialists who have invested their time in studying best advertising practices on this platform. Those courses are split into levels and are useful for beginners as well intermediate users. They also embrace all the aspects of advertising on LinkedIn: from raising brand awareness to lead generation.  

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Twitter: new verification Policy   

Twitter has taken into account the public feedback and has implemented some changes. Still, there are some requirements to meet: 

your account is supposed to have either a verified email or phone number 

a profile image 

a name 

besides that, your account has to fall under one of the six categories 

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Well, while we are waiting for more fascinating features to be launched, take your time to “digest” these ones. Stay attuned to our blog and be aware of the latest trends on Social Media. 

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