February Social Media Digest

The winter is almost over, but the new features following all the latest trends on Social Media Platforms are rolling out.

Facebook improves safety on Messenger

To add extra privacy to the messaging process Facebook adds three more options to the existing control tools. The first option concerns messaging requests. At this point, you will get more insight into the person, whose requests, pictures, and videos will still be blurred. Facebook also seeks to simplify the abuse or harassment reporting process. In addition to this, the platform is trying to track behavioral signals, like sending numerous friend requests to youngsters in order to protect children.

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Facebook tests Topic Exclusion Controls

It might sound like a set of words to you. But in fact, now Facebook allows the selected advertisers to choose the context in the feed among which their ads will be shown. This new option will definitely take some time, but in the end, the opportunity to avoid potentially inappropriate placement will turn out to be invaluable.

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Facebook Oculus VR Platform

Facebook tries to improve functionality on its Oculus devices and launches Multi-User Account Support. The Oculus Device has allowed only a single user account so far. As of February 2021, you can log in multiple accounts into one headset, which makes using it much easier for all the family members.

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Instagram Is Following The Latest Trends of 2021

Since there are still some restrictions imposed due to the global pandemic, we keep spending more a more time online. Thus, media platforms tend to make shopping online easier and faster. Now new shoppable posts are emerging in our feeds. There is a tappable shopping back in the lower-left corner of your screen. It allows tapping and finding out all the details about the products you’re particularly interested in.

Instagram: a Recently-Deleted Folder is back

Yes, your posts are safe for 30 days. From now and on all the Instagram users will get access to the folder, which contains the mistakenly or deliberately removed photos, videos, and IGTV videos. This could be of great help to those users, whose account has been hacked because they haven’t had a chance of restoring all their masterpieces so far.

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Instagram vs TikTok

TikTok profoundly influences other SM Platforms. And now Instagram is trying to copy TikTok-like stories feed which means you’ll have to swipe up or down to see them all. As of now, this feature is just being tested, so let’s just wait for the updates on that.

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YouTube implements Parental Control

For sure, YouTube has become the children’s favorite platform. Children consume YouTube content in large quantities, so no secret that children’s viewing activity has to be monitored somehow. So the new option for parents will be ready for beta testing in a couple of months. Kids will be given an opportunity to access the platform via a special and supervised Google account with three levels of supervision.

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Twitter re-launches the alerts

This tool is not completely new. It was actually tested in August 2021 but then shelved. The new format of alerts is aimed at detecting potentially offensive comments, even unintentional ones. The platform asks users to revise their replies before sending, so your options are “tweet”, “edit” or “delete”. For now, this feature is available only for iOS users.

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LinkedIn adds new Controls

The new product updates are:

– My Company Tab

– Product Pages

– Stories

My Company Tab in its turn is subdivided into other useful tools like “Recommend” and “Content Suggestions”. These two tools allow Page Admins to curate content for the employees to share and optimize engagement. This perfectly fits into the marketing strategy of Employee Advocacy.

Product Page gets Lead Generation Forms. It makes a process of getting in touch with your company much easier for the customers. In other words they don’t have to type their information, because it’s already there once they click on one of your company’s products.

Though adding Stories is not a brand new option, but now it is available to every page. What’s more, even swipe-up links can be added to the Stories.

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Well, that’s all for now, but there are plenty of mesmerizing changes ahead of us. Stay tuned and feel free to ask you questions, if any.