May Social Media News Digest. What’s new?

Finally, it is Summer, and we are looking forward to our vacations despite the pandemic. That is why May wasn’t that rich in the news as well as some platforms did not add any new features at all. Nevertheless, we are ready with the fresh SM news to keep you abreast of it.

Facebook allows embedding your video at a chosen time

Though this new feature is just a small detail, it’s rather useful. Now you can pick up the time to embed your video, which means you can choose the right moment to play your video within a playback. Yes, it was possible earlier, while having certain skills, but it has become much easier for an average user.

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Facebook added new stylized backgrounds

As well as the previous one, this new feature is nothing special. But, the lovers of ‘Selena: The Series’ and ‘Star wars’ will definitely love it. Actually, Facebook introduces new themed chat backgrounds for messaging on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger Kids.

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Instagram Stories get new Captions Sticker

After some testing, the platform launched captions for users from English-speaking countries. The captions are generated automatically and are not absolutely correct, so you will have to correct it. This feature gives an option of boosting engagement among people, who cannot watch it with sound.

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Instagram: Creator and Business accounts get access to insights for Live Broadcasts and Reels

Instagram Reels and Live Broadcasts get deeper insight for the users to make the most of it and get a deeper understanding of their content performance. Total replays, shares and saves, likes, comments and reached accounts are available for Reels. Live broadcasts will get access to shares and saves, peak concurrent views, likes and reached accounts. With this detailed information SM managers will get an opportunity to refine their marketing strategy content quality.

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Twitter Launches Larger Image Display

Last month Twitter launched a full-size image preview within the Timeline instead of a cropped one. It will relatively simplify your life, because you no longer have to look for the right dimension. On the other hand, it might reduce your engagement rate, because people won’t have to click on your picture any longer. Tweets with two or more pictures will be displayed as they used to.

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Twitter made its Spaces available to all users

In May Twitter made its Spaces available to all users with 600+ followers. Now the application is available on both platforms iOS and Android. This fact was probably predetermined by the lack of an Android version for Clubhouse. Technically, Twitter has the capacity to provide those audio rooms to every user. The restrictions rather cause FOMO and a feeling of being privileged. What’s more, at the end of the month Spaces became available on your desktop PC. Twitter has also announced the monetization option for Spaces, like selling tickets, but this option is just being tested.

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The clubhouse provides a beta version for Android

Finally, it happened, because the lack of an Android version significantly hampered the growth of the platform. Clubhouse started beta-testing its Android Version in the US. Later on beta-version was rolled out to other English-speaking countries. Though, it has plenty of limitations for now. You cannot manage or create clubs, update your name or username etc, but still it is something.

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TikTok rolls out a Preview option

At the end of May TikTok rolled out a new, pretty useful feature – a preview option. While composing a video, you’ll get the option to tap “Preview” and see what your video and text will look like on the screen. This option allows you to test it in the ads composer and omit to make mistakes.

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