6 Website Design Tips To Help You Convert

One of the tasks VAfromEurope performs for the customers is working with their websites – copywriting, website transfer, updating online inventory and listing new products, etc. No matter how big or what type your website is, but you’ve got to have one. Website is the heart of every business and the main source of high-quality leads and conversions. You might have a big eCommerce website, portal, or business directory website, or just a landing page, but there are some rules it should follow.    

Here are some general tips to make the most of it, or you will lose your customers unless it is optimized for conversions.      

 #1 Keep it simple! 

Simplicity is the key. That is probably the most important tip we can give. Simplicity and user-friendliness make your customers buy actually. Lots of graphics and numerous interactive features can distract customers and turn them eventually away.  

The website menu should be as simple, as possible as well. No one really wants to navigate through multiple pages to make a purchase, even if you’ve got a lot to offer. Make those navigating elements easily identifiable. The same goes for fonts and colors. Fonts should be readable and simple, and unified colors will showcase your brand. Don’t forget that colors convey mood too.  

 #2 Use only high-quality images 

It’s better to hire a professional to shoot pictures for your website. Great pictures allow you to showcase your products and attract customers’ attention. High-resolution pictures display the products you sell at their best and help customers see them in detail. It’s always good to know what you’re getting for your money. 

Put your online storefront and center to make it visible. Keep the colors in mind. Matching brand colors or tone and overall picture colors would be a nudge. Try to play with the color of buttons and the background. For instance, red “buy” can sometimes increase the conversion rate up to 30%. 

 #3 Optimize it for mobile phones 

Nowadays, most people surf the net on their mobile phones, especially youngsters, who might not have a computer at all. You need to make sure that the mobile version and all the pictures download properly. If your site is not mobile-responsive and a customer gets tired of scrolling a page, you will eventually lose him or her.        

#4 SEO is a must 

Keywords are the ultimate thing for you to remember. Putting effort into SEO brings more exposure to the customers, wider reach and more conversions as a result. Find relevant keywords and enrich the products’ descriptions with them. They should be detailed and descriptive enough, as well as easy-to-read. If you use it a couple of times within the text, your website will pop up first due to the search engine.  

Your website blog texts describe your business and business industry at its full capacity. Thus, they should be rich in relevant keywords as well for Google to identify them.  

By the way, a proper website contains built-in SEO tools.   

 #5 Make checking-out easy 

Creating a meticulously developed website gets you only halfway through. Checking out on your web should never be a tremendous task. Just imagine scrolling through the web, spending time to pick up the right thing and here goes the challenge of checking out. Customers should always be given an option of checking out as a guest or with just a few basic questions.  

Don’t forget to put delivery pricing and options first, as well as a refund policy. The customers are supposed to know what they are in for.  

#6 Use Reviews to your advantage 

Building trust is hard. Once you’ve done it, you should use it to your advantage. Always add a rating and testimonials section, where your existing customers can leave positive feedback for your potential ones. And don’t forget about those magical share buttons for the customers to share your amazing products.    

Actually, here we outlined those basic rules for you to build up a website that converts from scratch or optimize an existing one. VAfromEurope can take some of those tasks from your plate and do it for you.