November Social Media News Digest

We are approaching the Christmas holidays and the rush for gifts has started. Nevertheless, November turned out to be quite fruitful for some SM Platforms, and some are lagging behind. So, here is the list of the hottest news of last month.

Facebook users will no longer be able to use Facial Recognition

Facebook’s Face Recognition program does not comply with the company’s decision to limit its use. Thus, the platform shuts this program down and destroys all the files, relating to facial recognition. Privacy advocates have long been debating on the question of its legality. Due to rising costs and other legal challenges, Facebook has come to the conclusion that this facial recognition system is not worth billions in fines. Though, the system had some benefits too for visually impaired users, for example. As of now, Meta is looking to use this technology in developing AR glasses, though closing its original version.

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 Facebook creators get new monetization tools

Facebook is trying to push Apple out of fan subscriptions to make sure the creators get paid more since Apple charges a 30% fee on each transaction. The SM giant will redirect the subscribers outside the platform for signing up. The new promotional link directs subscribers to the website to buy a subscription using Facebook Pay instead of Apple Pay. Thereby, the creators will get an opportunity to get 100% of their money.

Some approved creators are also given the option of participating in a bonus program till the end of the year, meaning they can get up to $20 for the new subscriber. In addition, Creator Studio gets new tools as well allowing to get an estimate of potential earnings and downloading subscribers’ emails.

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Instagram brings Post Preview Cards back

The preview cards are available again once an Instagram link is shared on Twitter. This feature was removed back in 2012, which actually turned a cross-posting process into a pain. At the beginning of this year, tweets started appearing on Instagram Stories. Though it is not a full-screen image, but still it is something.

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Instagram rolls out new features for Reels

Instagram is still after TikTok and striving to win the youth back. Last month the app provided the new ‘Text to Speech’ feature in Reels. A creator will get two voice options to read out the text overlays added to Reels. This option is available for enabling by tapping a speech bubble at the bottom of a composer. Besides that, your voice can get a second life too with new ‘Voice effects’ available.

Believe it or not, but TikTok contracted Disney and announced their partnership the following day. This means that TikTok users will get an option of opting for Disney characters’ voices instead of an automatic female voice.

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Twitter enables an on-profile search option

It has been tested for some time. But, from the beginning of November and on users can see a search icon or a magnifying glass enabling a keyword search within the timeline of a specific user. By clicking that you will have to either enter keywords manually or use Twitter’s advanced search to find the previous tweets.

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Twitter provides more options for non-users

This platform also rolled out a couple of useful updates last month. Twitter is looking to expand its Spaces audience even beyond the platform meaning that nonusers are given an option to tune in. Once a host shares an invitation link to Spaces chat with the contacts, who don’t have a Twitter account, they can still listen to it, though they are not allowed to act as guests or react to the discussion.

After short testing, Twitter also launched topic tags for Spaces to enable the relevant Spaces to get wider exposure across the audience. A host can now opt for three tags while creating or scheduling a Spaces chat that can potentially attract new users, interested in those particular topics. And last but not least, Twitter started rolling out a recording option for Spaces. Some users can now record, share and replay their Spaces chats.

Besides that Clubhouse also launched a replay option in November. When this option is enabled users can replay the entire audio and a host can utilize it however he or she likes.

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Well, this is all for this year. We’ll see you next year with our December SM Digest. Be sure not to miss it by subscribing to VAfromEurope weekly newsletter.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!