Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Hire Virtual Administrative Assistants 

Are you an online store owner? Or probably you run an Advertising Agency or even a hotel? Basically, it makes no difference what kind of business you do or which industry you’re involved in. There always is plenty of mundane and time-consuming tasks you would rather shed. In other words, there is an administrative side of your business that needs to be administered.  

You’re supposed to be preparing for a business meeting or building the marketing strategy, but instead, you’re combing through the avalanche of emails or answering customers’ phone calls. Does it sound familiar to you? If you’ve just started your own business or you’re a small / mid-sized business owner, you do.   

The vast majority of company managers tend to plunge into work and try to accomplish every task by themselves. Eventually, they end up balancing between handling the company’s administrative tasks as well as their own. As a result, the company leader’s focus shifts from the company’s mission and global strategy to a daily routine. In other words, the tasks that should be delegated steal away time and attention.     

As a rule, administrative work happens to be the dullest and the most tiresome, and time-consuming. But, at the same time, these tasks can never be neglected; they’re the bricks your business is built of. Just imagine, your employees end up underpaid at the end of the month because you forgot to fill out the payroll, or the company failed to increase sales last month because customers’ phone calls remained unanswered.    

Looks like these two scenarios are enough to consider hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant. If not, VAfromEurope’s got a few more benefits of finding one to take those administrative tasks off your plate. Here is an extensive list of tasks to delegate to a VA (, here is why. 

Hiring a personal VA will free you up  

With the growth of your company, the amount of administrative work multiplies as well. Sooner or later every company owner finds himself wondering whether preparing for the business meeting is more important than booking a flight and accommodation for a business trip. Here is the moment when hiring a personal virtual assistant should stop being a vague idea. Business growth and thriving require your full attention while an administrative side of being a boss can be performed by someone else. 

A qualified professional can successfully handle personal calendar management/phone calls/emails, make travel arrangements and bookings, schedule meetings, run reports, make presentations, do invoicing or research, and many more. The time you used to spend running clerical duties can be used for developing a better business strategy, preparing for important meetings, or simply enjoying your life.        

Virtual Administrative Assistants can from a centralized communication hub of your business 

No matter which industry you’re involved in the vast majority of your business is done through B2C communication. If the success of your business depends on sales, high quality and fast communication between business and a customer is highly potential when a salesperson reaches out to a potential customer within an hour from the first contact. In this case, this lead is pretty much likely to turn into conversion.  

If the success of your company entirely depends on professional customer support and your customers being satisfied, then hiring virtual assistants is the solution. Your company will never have a chance to make the first impression again. Highly qualified and well-trained virtual assistants provide a wide range of services from representing a medical office front desk to professional cold calling.    

You cannot make your in-house staff work around the clock. But if your company provides services 24/7, catering 24/7 customer support is a need. Hiring Virtual Front Desk specialists allows you to provide customer support at any given moment of a day because you can outsource people from all over the world or any time zone with no damage to the quality. Just imagine – your business never stops even if you sleep.     

A VAA is a cheaper alternative to hiring in-house staff  

You don’t buy a whole cow to have a steak, right? The same goes for administrative support. You can hire a person for a specific task without having to hire a person for a role. Besides that, the task is going to be performed with the same level of expertise and commitment.   

VA’s working hours and schedule are entirely up to you. That is why you can outsource a specialist for performing a certain task for as long as you need it without having to hire a full-time employee. You can actually outsource top specialists in their niche. Professional VA agencies provide multiple services at the same time.  

First of all, it could be an option for start-uppers who cannot afford to hire full-time employees or simply don’t have enough working hours to fill an employee’s week with. So there is a significant cut on operational costs. What is more, when hiring a VA you don’t have to worry about any extra expenditure like stationary, workplace, bonuses, healthcare, etc.  

Though providing administrative support for the company requires a great deal of commitment on the part of a VA. This person becomes a person, who treats your company as his child, a real team member, who simply works remotely. That is why hiring part-time or even full-time virtual assistants is even a better idea, than finding a person for a specific task.  

So, are you buried under the avalanche of unfinished tasks? VAfromEurope we can give you a hand with that. Reach out to us and let’s schedule a meeting to discuss.