May Social Media Digest

Despite the summer approach May turned out to be productive for ‘serious’ Social Media dealing with business and news. Most of the entertaining apps were falling behind. So here is the list of the top news we picked for you.  

Facebook removes some of the location tracking tools 

On May 31st Facebook removed some of its location-based services like Nearby friends, location history, and weather alerts. Thus, starting from June 1st Facebook stopped collecting information necessary for these services even if you used them before, though users would still be able to manage the way their location information is collected. On August 1st Facebook is going to delete all the information you previously logged. Mainly those were turned off due to low usage or by doing so Facebook is trying to reduce the number of notifications received by users and thus prevent them from turning data tracking off.   

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 Meta improves Reels Monetization  

Now major Social Media platforms are striving to prove the most profitable monetization program and make sure that the top creators are posting to their apps. In this respect, Meta updated its Reels Play Bonus Program and added ‘Challenges’ for Facebook Reels. Due to changes in Bonus Program Meta is changing the way payouts are calculated to be able to reward creators with various audience sizes. Challenges are aimed at unlocking creators’ potential and helping them earn up to $4000 a month.      

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 Twitter makes Spaces Analytics available to hosts and co-hosts 

Full Spaces Analytics is now available to everybody. That is aimed at helping you incorporate Spaces into a bigger marketing strategy and plan your audio content. Though audio social trends are gradually dying down, Twitter is still pushing Spaces forward. The platform even launched a new campaign to promote Spaces and keeps testing and rolling out new features for Spaces like starting a Space about a chosen tweet directly from the options menu. In the middle of the month, Twitter even added new monetization options for Spaces – ‘Super Follower only Spaces’.    

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Twitter test ‘Twitter Circle’ publicly 

Twitter launched a wider test of specific groups within the app. There are moments when you want to post something, not for everybody’s eye. Now users are allowed to create custom groups of connections and share their tweets only with them. The Circle allows adding 150 users. Users in the Circle get notifications that tweets are only visible to its members. This feature is an addition to ‘reply control’. The app is striving to prompt communication within the app and it can become a good way to start a conversation within the Circle. 

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LinkedIn provides new options to assess foreign opportunities 

Nowadays more and more marketers are given international mandates. Building a successful marketing strategy in a foreign market happens to be challenging. To remedy the situation the platform has launched a new resource that provides region-specific insights. The new feature provides insights containing data for the US, UK, Germany, South East Asia, and Australia. Those insights provide statistics for key trends in those counties: audience reach, growing verticals, best-performing ad formats, etc.  

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LinkedIn provides a new feature 

LinkedIn is striving to improve accessibility and improve user services. Last month LinkedIn rolled out new features including captions for audio events and a custom URL display option and improved searching tools for posts. Earlier live audio events provided only a listening option. Now users with hearing impairments can read what is being said and thus get more ways to tune in. To improve discoverability on the platform users were given an option of searching posts by the creator’s name or keywords in the post. In addition to this, users are going to be allowed to add a link to the top of their profile to be able to redirect users to their website.  

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TikTok wants to credit trends originators 

TikTok has always been criticized for poor credits for trend originators. That is why TikTok is launching new creating tools which will allow the creators to tag, mention and credit a video. This means whatever you do you can directly tag your inspiration. After uploading your video, a creator will see a new icon ‘video’. When tapped it allows adding video tags. A video caption will contain a video tag. These features are an important step in the platform’s culture of crediting.   

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