How to delegate your tasks to a VA during summer holidays?

Summer is actually here. What can be better than enjoying your holidays with nothing to worry about? When you are a small business owner responsible for everything in the company having a quiet rest is next to impossible.  

Small company owners usually tend to be handling various tasks for their company from accepting phone calls and checking emails to developing a marketing strategy. It’s no surprise because these companies often have to operate on meager budgets and don’t have many employees. That is why many managers end up extinguishing the fire by themselves unless they know how and what to delegate.   

Delegating is important because it lightens the manager’s workload and prevents professional burnout. Besides that, it frees some time for acquiring some new skills and knowledge. Delegating is even crucial when it is all about the summer holidays.  

Summer holiday break gives you the time to spend extra time with your family, reload yourself, and built plans for the coming year. Hiring a Virtual Assistant while you are on summer vacation will bring you peace of mind and a feeling that your business is being taken care of.  

Virtual assistants can be assigned plenty of various tasks to help you enjoy your summer. What’s more, the vast majority (if not all of them) can be delegated to a Virtual Assistant on a regular basis, not just for a summer break.  

Here is just a short list of tasks that a VA can take off your plate. 

Email management and inbound phone calls  

 Replying to emails and responding to customers’ inquiries is very important while you’re away. Mostly, customers expect a reply to arrive within the next 24 hours. A quick reply will assure your customers and business partners that their needs will be satisfied even if you’re on vacation. 

Accounting and payment processing 

Not all of your customers and business partners might be on vacation. A Virtual Assistant can settle company payments and track the payments customers owe you. Timely payments ensure a healthy cash flow in the company, and financial stability and prevent late payments.  

Social Media Marketing and content writing 

Keeping your Social Media alive is necessary even when you are away. It sends a proper message to your customers making them feel that they can receive a service anytime. Content writing can also be delegated to a Virtual Assistant to keep your website blog updated.     

Calendar management and Travel planner  

As a CEO of the company, you might be very busy. A VA can give you a hand and help you meet all the deadlines and make it to all the meetings you need, especially if you are in a pre-holiday rush. By delegating this assignment, you will be able to embark on your journey with no stress. Besides that, a personal assistant can help you plan your trip in detail. 

Ordering reporting 

Satisfying your customers’ needs if the top priority of every company, that is why it is pivotal to process customers’ orders in a timely manner no matter what. Your summer break is no exception. A VA can help you with that too.   

As a matter of fact, the list of assignments a Professional Virtual Assistant can take off your plate is much longer and all of them can be delegated not just for summer holidays. You can even get professional help on a regular basis.    

If you consider hiring a VA for a longer period, here is an extensive list of assignments you can delegate ( ). All you need to do is to reach out to a trustworthy Virtual Assistance Agency and opt for the amount of help you would need. VAfromEurope would like to give you a hand, just give us a call.