November Social Media Digest

Are you ready for Christmas? Have bought everything you’ve been looking for? There are lots of presents available to you through online shopping events across the SM world. While you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift there is other social media news, worth your attention. 

Meta rolls out new monetization tools 

Actually, there will be a couple of updates. Instagram makes fan subscriptions available for eligible creators within the United States. This monetization tool means that creators with 10k followers and more can charge a fee between $0.99 and $99.99. By paying a monthly fee, users get access to live streams, posts, and stories posted exclusively for them. By the way platform does not take its cut from this revenue.  

Reels creators will also be able to receive virtual gifts from their fans which will turn into a donation.   

And finally, Facebook Stars will be available for more creators and they can also be transformed into funds. 

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Instagram launches new option for still images 

From now on still images can be accompanied by music. So now users can add music to Feed pics like do with Stories and Reels. The post composer now provides an ‘Add music’ option where you can look up the tracks to tell your story. To bring your picture to the life you can choose a fragment between 5 and 90 seconds. Though, there are restrictions for brands that will be able to use only licensed tracks. In other words, the platform is experimenting with music, as well as the songs on users’ profiles. 

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Instagram Professional accounts get an in-app scheduling tool 

Many users have been waiting for this update. Finally, Instagram is rolling out a native scheduling tool too. But for now, this feature is available only for professional accounts. But anybody can switch to a professional account though. Now creators and businesses can schedule Reels, pics, and carousels up to 75 days. Reels can be scheduled in the creation flow by tapping ‘Advanced setting’. It might not be much but it helps manage your account on the go.  

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LinkedIn improves its management process 

Last month a native scheduling tool became available for some users. This is a long-awaited feature, which aims at maximizing on-platform presence. You can access the scheduling tool by tapping a clock icon. This feature gives the option to schedule a post up to 90 days in advance. After scheduling a post you will still be able to manage it. Users had been utilizing this option through third-party applications. But a native feature seems to be more reliable. Besides that, those non-native apps did not allow users to preview their scheduled posts.   

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LinkedIn strives to improve brand safety 

Last month the platform launched a Brand Safety Hub for Audience Network Ads, which provides more information on LinkedIn partner platforms. Audience Network goes actually beyond LinkedIn because advertisers can promote their business across the platform’s publishing partners. In a nutshell, advertisers get control over those placements through the Brand Safety Hub and thus can avoid unwanted placements and improve targeting. 

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WhatsApp is looking to maximize the business opportunities 

SM engagement tends to switch to messaging apps. That is why WhatsApp is enabling search for brands within the app by category or name. The search feature will include a map so that you can look up nearby businesses and access your in-shopping options. What’s more, the searching process will be private and cannot be traced back to the user’s account. This dedicated element is available in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK. WhatsApp is on the rise in many countries, hence using this platform as a connection tool for your business would be a good idea.  

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YouTube gradually replaces TV 

To eliminate TV from our lives completely YouTube introduces ‘Prime Channels’. By signing up and choosing different subscription plans users can get access to shows, and movies from various providers like Starz, Showtime, etc. Shows are available for rent, purchase, or sometimes even free with ads. The new content, integrated into your YouTube provides various options like trailers, cast interviews, etc. TV commercials have always been considered as the best advertising options. So now, probably it is the high time you reconsidered your marketing strategy.   

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