January Social Media Digest

The holiday season is over. We are opening this year with the most useful updates in this world of social media. That is the first but not the last digest this year. Take a look at this one and get ready for the year.  

Instagram adds Lead Forms 

In January Instagram updated its action buttons. Now digital marketers are given the option of adding Lead Forms as CTA to profiles. What’s more, you can choose either a default set of questions like name and contact information or customize it to your needs. Multiple choice option or short answers provide another level of insight into your audience. Apart from general information, marketers can now reveal other points of contact with the audience.  

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/Instagram-Adds-Lead-Forms-on-Business-Profiles/641387/ 

Instagram updates Users’ Interface  

Instagram relocates some function buttons. The shortcut for creating content is placed at the center of the navigation bar now. The Reels button is moved to the right, while the Shop tab is going to disappear. But Instagram assures that users will still be able to set up and run their Instagram shops. Even though the shops reopened after the pandemic, online shopping is still growing.  

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/Instagram-Removes-Shop-Tab-from-Main-UI/639963/ 

LinkedIn updates Newsletter Showcase Tools 

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn Newsletter is a very popular means of connection. In January guiding the audience to your Newsletter has become easier. LinkedIn added subscribe URLs and embeddable buttons that will take them directly to a subscription page. The link can be shared via email, social media, or a website. The newsletter will now also be displayed under the creator’s name. Your LinkedIn profile will contain Newsletter in the ‘Featured’ placement, while new custom SEO titles will give your control over how your Newsletter appears in search engines.       

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/LinkedIn-Adds-New-Newsletter-Discovery-Tools/641642/ 

Twitter launches Swipeable Feed  

The new feature will make it easier for the users to switch between modes (algorithm-defined and chronological). Now users can switch between ‘For You’ and ‘Following’. By doing this Twitter is trying to give users an option to explore more rather than follow any specific profiles. By switching to ‘For You’, users can take the advantage of the best content on the app. But it is not a secret that the Twitter algorithm is not perfect and, if you end up being sick with platform suggestions, you can always switch to the previous mode.     

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/twitter-rolls-out-new-swipeable-feed-of-only-users-that-you-follow-in-the/640132/ 

YouTube updates Analytics and focuses on Shorts 

That is a useful update. Marketers are now able to see subscribers broken down by the content type they prefer. In its turn, it provides more insight into video performance. Though this data had been available before, now you can see it up-front. The platform also provides a new display of the content type the users are interested in. This update will definitely give a better understanding of users’ preferences. Regarding Shorts, YouTube adds an option of choosing a frame from the video for a thumbnail while uploading a video. For now, users can utilize this option only on Android.      

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/youtube-adds-new-analytics-updates-with-a-focus-on-shorts-content/640194/ 

Those are the most useful and handy Social Media News of January. There are even more to come in February. Don’t miss it and stay tuned by subscribing to VAfromEurope weekly newsletter.