March Social Media Digest

It’s spring and the weather is changeable. Social media is providing more and more useful solutions for marketers. So, we’re back with our monthly digest.  

Meta provides new ad options 

Meta is looking to maximize Reels use and promotions in short videos. A CTA in Click-to-Messenger Ads became available in March. It allows brands to deliver direct messages to users via Reels. Besides that, as of March Reels ads can be optimized for WhatsApp Conversion. The ‘Send Message’ button is shown to people, who are likely to start a conversation via messaging apps. Now users have the option to start messaging via WhatsApp directly from an ad. Lots of users are now sharing content in direct messages, rather than in their Feed. That is why a new option aligns with a major shift in social interaction.  

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Instagram rolls out new ad options 

The first feature is Reminder Ads. Basically, this option will allow users to sign up for alerts about various events in the app. Now advertisers can use this option in their Feed to build awareness for their events. Users can sign up for the alerts via CTA and will subsequently get three notifications in advance (a day before, 15 min before the event, and when it starts). Advertisers can set up reminders three months ahead of time. Another update is Promoted search results based on contextual keywords for users looking for specific content. This placement option is going to be rolled out globally pretty soon.  

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LinkedIn makes Post Scheduling available as well as other updates 

It might seem a bit out of date but a native scheduling feature became available last month. Now company pages can choose the time and date when they want a post to be released. Posts can be planned and scheduled three months ahead. Besides that, the native feature allows tagging other pages and making sure your post looks great. As of now, this feature is available for the desktop version of the platform only. LinkedIn also launches audio events for company pages. It is probably a good fit for LinkedIn because users can tune into their area-specific discussions, etc. In addition to this, Pages can now follow Pages, so now brands can engage in industry conversations.   

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Twitter removes recorded Live-Streams 

The platform is removing its Live archive – both Periscope and Twitter Live Recordings. Basically, the platform is looking to reduce storage costs. The downloading option has been available since 2016. But eventually, after Periscope shut down users were able to save their streams in the tweets. But now the platform removes this option. Now users start getting notifications that their archives are going to be removed. So, visit Help Center to find out the details.   

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YouTube provides new features for podcast creators 

First of all, YouTube makes creating a podcast available from YouTube Studio. It is going to make it easier for creators to concentrate on podcasts within the app. In addition, YouTube adds Podcast Analytics. It is a bit different and analyses the way users find podcasts, demographics, and revenue. YouTube also gives an option of downloading videos from YouTube mobile Studio. So, now it is much easier for creators to manage their content.  

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This was our monthly digest with the hottest Social Media news for March. Stay tuned and subscribe to VAfromEurope monthly digest.