Shopify Admin Assistant or Fairy Godmother?

In the 21st Century, everything goes online, including shopping. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed E-commerce even further. Though the pandemic has been subsiding and the majority of restrictions have been lifted, people are still enjoying the benefits of buying online without having to spend hours in search of a parking lot. That is why millions and millions of brands and stores chose Shopify to build their business.  

Shopify can really propel your business and sales. It provides a complex solution to wrap up your store no matter if you’re going to sell online or in person. But hold on! It’s not about Shopify now. As a starter you’ll probably be managing all the tasks by yourself but, at some point, you’ll no longer be able to multitask, and your productivity will eventually suffer. Here comes the moment you might consider hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant.  

There is no need to dwell upon how cool and awesome having a virtual assistant is and who this actually is. If you follow VAfromEurope you’ve read it. If not, here you are: The most important question here is ‘Why’. 

Why you should hire a Shopify virtual admin assistant 

– you feel you lack time to focus on bigger goals; 

– it is cost-efficient, time-saving  

– you are a small shop owner and cannot afford an extra employee. In that case, you can hire a Shopify VA for as long as you need (on an hourly/weekly/monthly basis); 

– on the other hand, you might need a VA if your store is growing, and you simply cannot handle all the tasks by yourself. Yes, we know that sharing something you love is challenging, but growing your business is worth it; 

– Shopify VAs are dedicated specialists in Shopify functionality and services; 

– VAs can work remotely all over the world which means your store can sell 24/7; 

– VAs possess a variety of unique skills that turn them, for example, into a whole marketing department all rolled into one.   

Of course, Shopify admin assistant won’t take over your business. That is rather an extra pair of hands that can take the most time-consuming and tedious tasks off your plate.  

What to outsource to Shopify admin assistant? 

Customer service and customer support. Customer service is crucial when it comes to growing your business and customer retention. Qualified VAs working all over the world across different time zones can serve your customers 24/7. Besides that, any business is supposed to deal with queries, feedback, and complaints. VA will happily handle that aspect too. 

Updating product pages and finding the best deals. As your shop grows bigger, you need to make sure it stays updated. You can outsource product listing, updating product descriptions, pictures, etc. In addition to this, VAs know which products are in high demand now so they can find the best deals for you to boost sales. 

Order and invoice management, shipping. The more your business picks up, the more orders start coming. Therefore, it’s getting harder to keep track of orders and shipments when you’ve got a lot going on around you. Generally, modern EMR systems make generating invoices easier. Shopify social media and marketplace integrations are joined into a single platform to help you track your orders. But you need time to focus on something bigger, remember?  

Managing inventory. Failing to meet customers’ needs is your biggest nightmare, as a shop owner. In this case, a dedicated Virtual Assistant is a must to make sure you won’t run out of products.  

Digital Marketing. E-commerce won’t go far without a proper digital marketing strategy. Shopify Fairies are happy to utilize their expertise in SMM, SEO, and email marketing to help your sales hit the highest level. 

Website development and content writing. If you’ve got a website, a Shopify admin can fill it with awesome pictures and creative product descriptions, entertaining blog stories, etc.  

Email and reviews/comments management. Answering emails and following all the reviews and comments is a tedious task, which takes a lot of time and patience. Luckily, you don’t have to waste your time on that.  

Marketing strategy. Shopify assistants know for sure what kind of products are in high demand now. You can outsource building the ultimate marketing strategy to them. They will build it from scratch and equip it with the most useful techniques. 

All in all, hiring a Shopify assistant is highly beneficial. By finding the right one for your business you can get access to expertise and top talents all over the world and save money and recourses. VAs usually charge hourly rates and the prices can be really moderate, but it depends on the expertise level and the number of skills a VA possesses though. The country where a VA is located also matters. But the benefits are obvious.   

Taking this all into consideration, the answer is ‘YES’ – A Shopify Admin assistant is a Fairy Godmother.