Hire a VA – Worry No More!

E-commerce is on the rise and is not slowing down any time soon. Amazon, Shopify, and eBay are the top-ranking platforms gaining all the popularity. In our fast-paced world efficiency, productivity, and customer service are pivotal for successful online sales. So is it worth to hire a VA?

What do these platforms have in common? No matter whether you’re a seasoned businessman or you’re just planning to start a business in dropshipping, you’re probably aware of the tons of routine tasks, you would have to handle regularly. Running an online shop not only requires not only building a strategy, but also conducting market research, dealing with customer queries, and so on.

No matter what you do or what your plans are, you’ll eventually need a helping hand with all those pesky assignments. That is where you may consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. Here at VAfromEurope Agency we work with E-commerce platforms and have first-hand experience to share.

Why do I need a VA?

There is no denying that a qualified VA can revolutionize and streamline the selling process. VA is an actual person working part-time, full-time, or less to provide services for Amazon, eBay, and Shopify platforms. They take responsibility for your shops remotely and provide the support that the business requires.

Virtual assistants can perform a variety of tasks giving you time to scale your online business. More about assignments you can delegate is here:

Shopify or eBay VAs, etc. are usually experienced in using seller tools and managing strategies peculiar to each platform. Therefore, they can implement effective techniques to boost your sales without having to hire an extra employee.

Hiring a VA gives you the benefits of being a full-time employee without having to offer perks like health insurance, etc. Therefore, you can increase efficiency without extra costs. Besides that, VAs are often available for hiring in less expensive countries which makes this process even more economically beneficial.

What are the tasks you can delegate?

As an e-commerce business owner, you may get buried in an avalanche of mundane and time-consuming tasks that steal a significant amount of your time, thus impeding the growth and productivity of your business. Here at VAfromEurope we value our customers’ time and work with various platforms making their management easier.

Therefore, here is a list of tasks that our virtual assistant can assist you with. That kind of assistance can free you from routine assignments, giving you an opportunity to focus on pivotal aspects of your business. Moreover, you can hire VAs on a part-time or project basis. That will give you peace of mind and let you pay closer attention to the specific tasks you need.

Here is a list of tasks:

1) Customizing your virtual shop: theme/color change, adding images to your website shop;

2) Listing products:

– uploading and editing product photos: size/color change, finding the right style for your shop;

– creating product descriptions or searching for required descriptions online;

– changing and updating prices for your online store;

3) Constant monitoring and updating your online store data, removing sold-out products;

4) Synchronizing your Amazon sales with Shopify

5) Processing, invoices, etc.

It should also be noted that effective accounting is essential to running a successful e-commerce business. Invoice processing, bank statement reconciliation, expense, and income classification are the tasks that a VA can take off your plate. Delegating time-consuming and repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant will ensure your accountant concentrates on strategic financial analysis.

Are you still hesitating? Feel free to reach out to us and get a free quote.