Instagram Promotion In 2024: What To Expect?

Social media is evolving which makes promotion challenging each year. The growing competition is the main reason. Nowadays marketers have to try harder and harder to boost reach and conversion. However, there are lots of free and paid options for effective promotion. Here we’ve got a list of tips on how to increase your Instagram Promotion without hiring an SMM specialist.


Getting ready for promotion

First, you need to get your profile ready for promotion and switch to a business account, otherwise, you won’t be able to move forward. As soon as you do this, will get access to features that are not available for regular users, like setting up contact information tabs, viewing insights into followers and demographics, posts, and paid promotion. You can switch in ‘Account’ settings.


Make up the right account name and find a proper picture

The name can be different from your login and it is next to your profile picture. You can even change it later when you update your profile. The best name for your professional account would be your name or a nickname. We also recommend using a brand or company name without any abbreviations for them. Or mentioning your professional area and location would also be good. Try thinking of something like ‘Shoe Store London’. Besides that, customers will get a chance to find you using keywords.

Finding the appropriate profile picture is essential. Don’t forget that Instagram cuts pictures making them round. Your profile picture should match your services, brand philosophy, etc. By the way, some online logo generators can be used to create a matching logo.


Free promotion

Here are some tips for the free promotion:

#1 Hashtags actually work and help your posts pop up in the feed. Publishing posts in the feeds of users subscribed to these hashtags or creating thematic collections with them would be wise. There are a couple of hashtag types like unique, brand or high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency hashtags. High-frequency hashtags define your general idea (#coffe, #party). Medium-frequency hashtags emphasize a specific topic, while low-frequency ones allow you to focus on a specific moment. Branded hashtags contain the name of a brand or company and are used primarily by companies.

It is always better to use high-, mid-, and low-frequency hashtags as it is going to make the search easier for users and put it in the middle of the text or at the end. Try to avoid using more than 10 hashtags for each post, 30 is the limit, however, it is too much anyway.



Using geotagging will increase the reach of each post because they usually pop up in the selections of publications from the same location. When users actively like, comment on, or save your posts, it increases their chances of being included in the recommended posts in such selections. If your business has a physical address, add it to your profile and mark it in every post.


Creating masks

That is a funny trend that allows your brand to stand out. There is only one requirement – they need to be unique. You can use Spark AR Studio which is easy to use even for newbies.


Mutual promotion in stories and Live streams

Find bloggers who work in your sphere and have approximately an equal number of followers to you. You discuss each other’s promotion in Stories, preferably on a regular basis. Feed posts might seem to be too explicit while a short video in Stories is still interesting. Live streams will require more homework from you as you will have to keep your followers entertained.


Commenting on popular profiles

All you have to do is follow popular and trending profiles that work in your field. Commenting on posts with wide reach is a good idea. Comments with many likes are usually displayed on top.


Paid promotion

Paid promotion is an official tool from Instagram. You can reach a targeted audience, and promote new or existing posts/stories. Being able to choose a location, audience, demographics, etc. is a big plus. A promotion can be launched directly from Instagram, or Facebook business suite if you need a wider range of tools.


Account promotion through influencers

Using influencers’ promotion is a great way to boost your audience. If a couple are working with the same audience as you, use them to your benefit. You need to be careful and check their campaigns and their statistics within 24 hours and also check their latest posts. You can even make the account private and go through all the following requests manually to make sure they are real.



If you already have followers, using giveaways might be a key to growing your audience even more. Make sure that the gift is your company’s service or product and try simplifying rules as much as possible as overcomplicated rules scare the users away.


AI services for promotion

AI services are used all over the world and marketing is no exception. They use machine learning and algorithms to attract the audience, boost interaction, etc. Еhere are lots of services that are helpful for promotion – services for scheduled posting, post generating, analytics and optimization, ads managers and chatbots. Be sure to test them all to keep up with the rest of the users.


We are using all of the techniques for our customers. If you need some advice, feel free and reach out to VAfromEurope.