A VA for Art Promotion: VAfromEurope Blueprint

Well, you’re an artist. Your job as an artist is to be creative and inspire others. It means that your time is priceless and should not be wasted on trivial but time-consuming things like everyday tasks. But in order to achieve success an artist needs to possess a variety of other skills apart from being talented. Those mundane and repetitive tasks are as important as your talent and creativity. That is where a VA comes in for art promotion.  

Thanks to the Internet technologies every aspect of your art business can be handled online. So, an experienced Virtual Assistant can give you a hand with managing a website, social media, email inquiries, etc. Here at VAfromEurope we support artists in every possible way and provide an impressive range of services. 

Here are the ways our VA can help you: 

– as an artist, you probably often participate in contests. A VA could make a list of entries and provide you with a link to Prospectus.  

– a VA works to submit all forms and applications in a timely manner.  

are you looking for a gallery to work with? Your personal virtual assistant might perform meticulous research into galleries you’d like to collaborate with and let you make your choice.    

did you know that enjoying art does not always mean going to a gallery? We know how to launch your exquisite works of art in online galleries to be showcased all over the world.  

artists often get carried away by their inspiration and lose track of deadlines. VA’s job is to cover those dull tasks as keeping track of deadlines and making sure you meet them. 

– handle PowerPoint presentations. 

– a VA will find ways to boost your professional growth with workshops and classes. 

– trying to raise brand awareness and name recognition? We’ll definitely submit media releases to various publications about you as an artist or an event you’re organizing. What’s more, we do copywriting by ourselves.  

social media presence is a must. A dedicated VA will create your accounts on social media and make it all work together smoothly. You don’t need to worry about exposure since our assistants will get a Coverage book ready to let you know how many people your work has reached. 

Balancing between work and family and trying to cover it all by yourself can be overwhelming.  Yep, that is all that can be covered by a team of dedicated VAs whose job is to take off your plate the most time-consuming and tedious tasks ever. Do you need a helping hand? Feel free to reach out to VAfromEurope and get a quote.