November Social Media Digest

The seasons are changing but we are still into our Social media digest, November overview. And again, actual news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms to keep you atop the latest updates and changes in the SM world. And this world is amazing and ever-changing by all means. So, let us take a peep at it together. 

Facebook Sharing Best Video Practices 

Today, there is no point to tell you about the value of video content for your social media presence. That is crystal clear. Video clips are everywhere; there is hardly a platform not using the benefits of them at the moment. Understandably, Facebook decided to share three new tips on even more effective video clips creating and using: 

  1. Use a short trailer to provide an insight into your clip and increase interest in it. Improved engagement, more followers and, as a result, boosted contribution. 
  1. Frame your video story. Why? Presently, more and more users are surfing the net using their mobile phones in a vertical orientation rather than a landscape one. So, use the moment to your benefit with a 4:5 aspect ratio. 
  1. Comment on the posts. Always respond to comments on your video clips, thus engaging more audience and delighting it. The longer comments, the higher engagement. Do not be too obsessed with commenting, though. Keep to a golden medium. 

What are the general tips for video post success according to Facebook? They should be: 

  • authentic; 
  • engaging; 
  • consistent; 
  • relevant. 

The tips provided are oriented at helping the users to improve their video marketing performance on social networking platforms. 

More Detail 

Facebook Partners with Better Business Bureau (BBB) to Help Online Shoppers 

And again, meet Facebook, but not in connection with the video promotion but with the eCommerce direction the platform has been actively supporting lately. Misleading ads, scammers and payment issues are the most frequent concerns raised by Facebook. The latest solution announced was: 

  • Partnering with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and thus aiming to provide internet shoppers with maximum potential scams info. 

The given campaign is held under the motto ‘Shop Safe, Shop Smart’ and runs November-December 2020. It is characterized by advertisements and original content on Facebook, Instagram and other SM channels. It will dwell on the tips on how to spot and avoid unfair eCommerce traps online. Well worth getting familiar with, isn’t it? 

More Detail 

Twitter Is Planning to Re-Open its Account Verification Process 

Remember those blue checkmarks Twitter is famous for? Back in 2017, the account verification process was shut down. Today, Twitter is considering reopening the application for account verification, thus letting its users get their own blue ticks and, consequently, making them of more importance on the platform. 

However, the verification process update is still in the planning stage. What’s the reason? Twitter is looking forward to any feedback in order to make the newly reopened feature transparent, clear and free of any mess or confusion.  

Keeping that in mind, the social platform has issued a Proposed Overview and a New Public Survey to serve its mission best. Regarding the results, both the external and internal meaning of the checkmarks verification will be rethought and the general rules revised. Happy or not with the perspective? Share your thoughts with us.  

More Detail 

Instagram Is Testing a new FAQ Option 

Lessening the load of responding on your side while enhancing the connection with your audience: isn’t it a perfect marketing solution? A dream? Not exactly. Instagram is currently testing its new FAQ option to make the above-written statement a reality. The option is all about enabling various brands to provide both F and A possibilities with a single tapping within their Direct.  

Catch more details on the update below: 

  • common questions highlighting (in the message window); 
  • four automatically displayed questions in the course of the initial interaction; 
  • for better feature understanding, investigate Facebook Messenger with a similar feature integrated. 

The new FAQ option is still awaited but it surely will be another helpful tool to enhance the communication with your target audience and to convert more Instagram traffic. 

More Detail 

Instagram Adds New Branded Content Options 

The new branded options by Instagram are oriented at creators to expand revenue. The update concerns Live and Reels and includes: 

  • New tags: more deals with brands by the creators will result in immediate revenue generation from their Reels content. More money – more Instagram and less TikTok (main Instagram’s rival). 
  • Extra feature: both creators and brands can work collaboratively on content creation. The process will look as follows: request sent by Advertiser – Creator accepts the request – relevant notification sent to the Advertiser – notification on ad creation received by the Creator. 
  • Product tags: for both Stories (hashtags, locations, mentions) and Posts (enhanced promotions). 

New branded content options announced by Instagram are to fight its main competitor TikTok and to gain more audience for the first. 

More Detail 

YouTube Launches Audio Ads 

The magic of music fascinates as well as its ever-rising popularity. YouTube, as one of the most widely used interactive platforms, has spotted its weak point and so decides to add audio ads to its channel. What does the YT audio ad look like? This is a kind of a still image with a voice over recorded. The audio ads will get the same options as video ads on YouTube have.  

The update is primarily for advertisers by enhancing their potential to reach out to music listeners. In the framework of the music popularity on YT, the channel practices both music recordings and live music performances.  

All-in-all, the YouTube audio-based ad units have all the chances for success and positive feedback. 

More DetailYouTube Launches Audio Ads to Reach Music & Podcast Listeners ( 

Hope that our Monthly Digest makes the versatile world of social media closer and much more familiar and beneficial for you. Hope you get new information and thus keep your business constantly updated and more effective. No matter what, do not hesitate to reach our virtual assistant agency in case of any questions/consultation/ assistance.

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