Ways To Develop Rapport With Your Virtual Assistant

On a list of key factors that are usually stressed when business growth drivers are discussed, Strong Team has long as cemented its leading position. It is firmly established alongside Competitive products and services, New technology and Effective marketing strategy. None seems to argue with that.

Building connections with in-house or remote employees is integral to the success of any company. In current global business climate when more and more businesses are contracting virtual assistants and outsourcing companies it means building relationships with remote employees across cultures.

Some business owners have impeccable communication skills. They feel in their element creating rapport with strangers, making small talk with distant acquaintances, business contacts, in-house employees, virtual assistants and virtual support professional in general. Some feel awkward having to works with people they meet virtually via Skype, Slack, Uber, etc. To ease up things a bit, ensure that benefits of virtual assistant support do not pass you by discarded by misconceptions we have put together a list of strategies of developing rapport.

Start and keep up conversation with virtual support professionals using following strategies:

    1. showing that you already know something about a person you have just met
      e.g. It ‘s Ann, isn’t it? I’ve seen your picture on the website
    2. echoing the other person to encourage them to say more
      e.g. – I’ve just been on a business trip to Budapest
      – Budapest?
    3. being modest about your achievements
      e.g.Well, it wasn’t just me. There was a whole team involved
    4. picking up on a key word in order to extend the conversation
      e.g. – That conference at…… was a real nightmare.
      – In what way was it a nightmare?
    5. asking a follow-up question
      e.g.- You know the task is pretty challenging. But I’m enjoying it
      – Challenging in what way?
    6. asking about someone’s journey
      e.g.How was the journey/flight?
    7. paying a compliment
      e.g. I admire your persistence in winning over those new clients.
    8. joking about yourself
      e.g. I’ve been in Manhatten for the last ….oh, six or seven months. I had been working in Paris office for five years when senior management decided I needed to see more of the world
    9. recalling past events
      e.g.Nice to meet you. Wait a minute…. You are not Ann who pulled off that deal, are you?

It is important to note that life is not a beauty contest and you are not one-hundred dollar banknote to be adored by everyone but level of your business communication skills determines how harmonious interaction and progressive workflow between partners turn out to be. For effective communication with your virtual assistant for the long haul attentiveness, respect and courteousness are prerequisites. These strong pillars are sure to keep you partnership successful. Appreciate, respect and value your team workers and you’ll receive loyalty, productivity and high results in return.