How Facebook Set Path for Social Media to Vanquish the Whole Web?

By the results of the Facebook’s annual global developer conference, so-called f8, becoming quite clear that Facebook immersed the whole Internet and showed the real power of social media. Which means not some particular Web space, but all of it.

Facebook designed its platform in a way, which afforded Facebook to be at the middle of the whole Web space. For example, Facebook setting itself in such a way to become deeply rooted into all the websites you can find.

Here are some facts to approve this point of view:

First, stunning statistics. There are 400 million users on Facebook, and that number is enlarging rapidly.

Zuckerberg claims that if you’re going to create a website, there is a good likelihood that a vast number of your potential users have already been registered on Facebook, what is really good for business. Even if they haven’t yet, soon they will.

If you think it’s just a big talk, you are mistaken. However, the most surprising things are coming next.

The Facebook Connect system was the ace in the hole for Facebook, it have been declared at the last annual global developer conference, created to avoid the procedure of registering an account for lots of websites. Facebook developed this ability further, making a super Facebook connect system. This made websites even more social, and the users don’t need to sign in at all.

Everything seems to suggest that these Facebook platforms are simpler to accomplish for the website developers. The details are on the official Facebook blog. Since sites implemented this “open social graph API,” while you visit such websites as you have an opportunity to watch what all the people from your friendlist “liked” and you can surfing and “liking” each article you want without being signed in. Besides, everywhere on the Internet there is “Like” symbol, copied from Facebook.

Virtual Assistant can watch over and analyze all these “likes” and other current information to clear up what is popular right now, how to arrange the promotion for your business

The “open social graph API” make the access to the information about users available for other sites in the meantime. The possibility to watch all the activity of Facebook “friends” on the sites like without signing in set up an “instantly social” Web.

All this data with “likes” goes back to Facebook and makes the search for users much easier, since Facebook has linked with websites like Yelp, CNN and so on, adding all these “likes” to its database. Facebook is setting itself in the middle of the Web, as the Internet became totally social.

That’s why marketing on the Internet with the use of social media can be very effective, but it’s really hard to settle this on your own. For this reason, it’s necessary to hire virtual assistant to keep track of events all the time!

There are some obstructions, such as question of security, confidence, but Google has such problems too, even more than Facebook. In addition, there are some obstacles with making material profit of it, making money.

But it’s vividly seen that Facebook is one of the most essential elements of the Web. It’s hard to imagine how the Internet surfing would look like without Facebook.