Logo. Is It Important? Part 1

When it comes to creating a brand identity, any designer will tell you that there is no single recipe on how to design the ideal logo.

Clients’ tastes differ and each project requires different style of the Logo. In order to create your own unique Logo, it’s necessary to form a clear idea of your customers and their needs. However, the logo should take into account the tendencies, which are developing from year to year.

It shall be understood, that the logo is an element of the corporate identity, and also a symbol of the company’s quality. The Logo increases the recognition of your company, that’s why it should distinguish itself rather than repeat other ideas. A packing or a letter with the Logo has more credibility, than the packing or the letter without it.

Company’s reputation depends on associations it evokes, and it is the lever that “sticks” to the logo.

One of the methods to achieve the Logo recognition is a promotion in the social networks and using other digital channels. These are sources, where the recognizable logo of the authoritative brand can catch someone’s attention and that is very important.

What to know before you refer to the designer:


Mountain logo

Symbolic logo.

This logo abstractly reflects business;

Seniors logo

Printed logo.

This type reflects company’s name in the certain font;

Human Rights logo

Graphic logo.

It is a graphic image, which illustrates what the company deals with.

LOGO SHAPE is quite important and it very often defines the initial attitude from the customer side. It should be noted that the integrated part of the modern Logo often consists of geometric images.

LOGO COLOR is no less important part of the Logo. The color enlivens the form, gives the meaning, they don’t exist without each other, in some ways the color is stronger than the form. Since it can destroy the form or fend off the form from revealing the content of the Logo, as well it can be vice versa. The color palette should strictly comply with the general theme, enhance the expressiveness of the form, text, highlight the defining elements and conceal the secondary ones.

Logo with the using of multi colored palette is less remembered. From our experience 1-3 colors help to reveal the essence of the Logo, but when there are more colors, it is difficult to estimate the company’s direction.

The psychological meaning of different colors should be considered. Besides that, color shades can significantly change their original meaning, but nowadays shades of the pure colors are used quite often because of their uniqueness.

At the same time, with the use of the multicolor Logo the expenses on advertising are increasing (expenses can increase several times). The best is to choose unique colors – according to color scale pantone.

Advantages: uniqueness, memorability, a guarantee of receiving a high-quality, souvenir and printed products by using “brand colors”.

The company logo must be equally effectively advertised on all media, or at least on those that are planning to be used. In addition, the development of a trade mark requires scrupulous monitoring of the market to avoid similarities with TM of other companies. In better case, it can ruin a reputation of the newly established company, and in the worst – can cause lawsuits. There is a need to study foreign consumers’ auditory association with the brand name during the development of markets in other countries.

An expert opinion of the VAfromEurope’s designer

Is there a need to set out and throw all the resources to create another world masterpiece in graphic design?

Don’t rush to answer. Perhaps you need a logo that will work well for your business, to stand you out among competitors worthy looking, right?

Examples of successful logos and price for their creating

Nike logo – Nike company – 1975 the price $35; The logo is made by Caroline Davidson. Did it cost a lot of money on design of Nike logo? No. Does it work? Yes.

Twitter logo – $ 15 Does it work? Yes.

Coca-Cola logo – $ 0 Well known logo of Coca-Cola was drawn by John Pemberton accountant — Frank Maison Robinson in 1885 year.

Pepsi logo – $ 1 million the new logo for Pepsi was designed by Arnell Group in 2008

So, the price is different, but all the logos are successful in its niche.

We support the idea that trends come and go, but if you invest large amounts of time and money in the design, and the product is faulty, it will not affect the final result and logo will quickly become obsolete.

We believe that endurance is above all, and logo must survive as much as a business which it represents. Occasionally it can be refreshed and specified, but the company must have the main vector as the logo is a face of your company.

Every year we have more distractions, that lead designers harder to come up Logo that will be noticed and will be kept in mind by novelty. Especially these trends are typical for online business.

Following the novelties and trends, we are sure – you will understand how to find your own style, and we will help you to combine the spirit of the time and your vision of the goals and objectives of your company.