Enhanced Recruitment Through the Prism of BPO Assistance

Ever-evolving technologies, new methodologies, wide-scope projects, etc., give birth to new workplaces and, subsequently, make recruitment services of utmost importance to both the job seekers and employers. Special recruitment agencies and companies have been common to deal with the very staffing processes, providing all the necessary activities as well as documentation needed. However, there is another, somehow veiled, task a BPO company can assist with: Recruitment. Besides a wide array of business tasks frequently delegated to the VAs (Data Entry, SMM management, Administrative support, Back Office duties, and so on), assisting with a recruitment aspect any business is highly interested in is something an outsourcing company can make difference to the recruitment process as a whole. Surprised? Disagree? Further topic discussions and analyses are to be found below.

Any existing conventional recruitment agency has a first priority task: to deal with the process of satisfying both those searching for a job and those offering it. To that end, they provide the clients with all the information required and are responsible for optimum relevance between a candidate and a working position accordingly. Staffing solutions are the only responsibility recruitment agencies are in charge of.

In their turn, VA Agencies can add to the recruitment companies’ hiring process considerably. They can serve as a kind of ‘mediators’ or rather ‘enhancers’ between the recruitment company or a client) and a candidate. Virtual assistants’ services are twofold: they cater to the needs of both the employer and prospective employee. In what ways? For instance, they can handle the company’s questionnaire for a prospective candidate or even compiling a list of questions reliable for a certain position.


How the VA agency can help recruitment companies? It is qualified for:

· searching for a relevant candidate (through the LinkedIn or certain job sites regarding the company’s requirements);

· searching for a relevant position depending on the job fields and specifications;

· making a candidate’s CV sent of proper formatting in accordance with the recruitment company’s specifications;

· first stage interview holding to estimate the candidate’s interest regarding further steps and actions;

· depending on the clients’ needs and demands, one or several virtual assistants can be assigned.


So, if you choose VA agency services in regard to your business recruiting process, you will get better and faster processes by all means. Recruitment with the VA agencies could be a great starting point for any business.

In the light of a global coronavirus issue, all of us are experiencing presently, do not stop with your business but choose to turn to an outsourcing company. Stay home but don’t stop. VAfromEurope is running ‘business as usual’ scenario and is ready to provide any relevant assistance for your business.


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