Facebook Post Tips for Various Businesses. Part II

Facebook is the king of social media. In spite of the recent scandal concerning privacy breeches, it still is. Consequently, it would be illogical not to use it for your business promotion. Other SM platforms (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) do deserve your attention as additional advertising tools as well.  

If you follow our blog, you must have noticed that we dedicated the article to Facebook posting ideas for a range of businesses already. On getting a good number of positive feedback, there appeared a thought to go on with the direction and choose the next five of them for detailed discussion and analysis.  


You are very good at coaching and it is true. All your close friends and family members are aware of that fact but you still dramatically lack recognition and self-realization. Promote. Make your business popular to a wide audience and turn to Facebook. The next move will be to decide on a proper strategy line while making posts and here we are to help you.  

Catch the best ideas on Facebook Posts for Coaching: 

Use the tips above, experiment and find the ones best working for you personally. Good luck! 


Meanwhile, we are moving on. The sphere of hospitality is basically visual. Breathtaking landscapes, modern buildings’ design, yummy food, a wide range of innovative services and much more is what should by stressed across the Facebook posting history by all means. Anything else? Yes, for sure. Make your hotel (hotel network) stand out in the background of the vast quantity of the alike. In order to stand up to the competition (a huge one, by the way), one is to try hard to showcase the ‘inner personality’ of both the hotel and the region it is situated in.  

How to achieve this with Facebook. Keep reading: 

So, marketing hotels through social media is a great idea. Focus on call-to-action, the slightest details, and think beyond the rooms. A small pinch of eccentricity would be cool. 


Marketing ideas for insurance agencies are mostly oriented at revenue lead. The post found on Facebook can be figuratively divided into three categories: 

  • personable; 
  • informational; 
  • helpful; 

while sticking to: 

  • car care services; 
  • home improvements/enhancements; 
  • some business tips, etc. 

Let us dive into more detailed Facebook post ideas and recommendations: 

Facebook is presently believed to be a must-have aspect in marketing. Try not to miss out on the power of SM tools and platforms. 

Agriculture and Farming 

Another evidence of the Facebook multifunctionality and promotion affectivity are agricultural businesses, which can freely utilize Facebook to promote their products/services as the given SM platform is a working avenue to a provider-customer communication. What, how, and why


To wrap up, here you are Facebook tips for Food Bloggers. According to the statistics, a large percentage of people in favor of healthy food and new recipes go online. Jump at the possibility and boost your ‘tasty’ business with Facebook promotion ideas and tools. 

A list of strategies to utilize: 

Use the slightest possibility to become ’visible’ on Facebook. Do not go overboard though. Keep balanced and your target audience focused. 

If you feel still uncertain where to start from, VAfromEurope will definitely help you out and show the right direction.