A Virtual Legal Assistant for Your Law Practice

Recently, we as a virtual assistance agency, have got a number of requests from law firms as well as solo lawyers to assist them with their everyday duties, which in their essence consist of the work with the documentation (agreements mainly): 

  • agreements formatting; 
  • texting corrections; 
  • PDF presentations working out, etc. 

Actually, the scope of tasks to be outsourced to a virtual legal assistant spans far beyond. And this is where the theme for this article took its birth from: to pull to the public all the benefits a virtual assistant can bring to jurisprudence. 

In the light of this latest tendency, it flashed over us that you may be interested in the lawyer’s routine as we see it today and to discover how exactly a virtual assistant can make this routine easier and less effort- and time-consuming.  

You get up every morning and get ready for the working day very carefully. Starting your attorney practice that might include showing up to the court, drafting documents, meeting with clients, etc. is that all? Absolutely not. Besides the issues of the first-hand importance just mentioned, every lawyer, either a startup or an experienced one, has a heap of minor tasks to do daily (scheduling appointments/meetings, answering phone calls, dealing with documentation and alike. Sounds familiar? If so, keep the track of the article dwelling and find out something to arouse your interest. 

Every day, a lawyer has to “flip through” hundreds of papers and web pages of various materials: laws, bylaws, court decisions, legal positions in various forms and their generalizations, doctrinally balanced comments and articles in the professional press. The amount of information is constantly increasing and the collection of what is really needed takes a lot of time to make it properly. 

And what has been found and arranged for use in a particular case or to solve a legal problem must be kept up to date, because at the same time with the relentless increase in information increases the duration of court proceedings and administrative procedures, changing procedural requirements, authorities and their powers… 

All those mundane tasks above mentioned cannot but prevent a professional from peaceful and productive work by taking away precious time and being rather exhausting. Any way out here? Yes, delegate. Replace multitasking with delegation and turn into a real attorney, not an admin.  

At this moment, we bet you are interested in what directions can a remote assistant help you out with. These are: 

  • emailing; 
  • your schedule management; 
  • social media management; 
  • legal research doing; 
  • dealing with documentation; 
  • answering incoming calls (call center support); 
  • and many more. 

Actually, due to enhanced flexibility, your legal assistant can take care of any administrative tasks and online support you agree upon.  

Any Benefits? Yes, definitely: 

  • Time and effort saving 
  • Cost-efficiency 
  • Enhanced customization and flexibility, etc. 

Any Challenges? Yes, absolutely: 

  • it is crucial to make a right choice in the pool of the offers in the virtual assistance market presently; 
  • not to get overstressed in case you do not have a ready platform for the cooperation (not technically ready). 

Another so-called ‘challenge’ is an awareness what you should ‘give’ to your assistant to let him/her work his/her best. Keep in mind the following points: 

  • accurate information providing, correct terminology using; 
  • top-notch communication accompanied interactions; 
  • somehow tailoring your skills in order to meet the needs of the your personal assistant. 

Hear each other and be mutually beneficial to each other. Remember, both of you work for the same goal, so unite the forces and reach it together. As Claude Chabrol once said:”There is no new wave, only the sea”. 

How Much is Your Time Worth? Delegate. 

Just leave aside the typical mindset and think deeper. Give yourself a clear report of what you are doing and what makes you feel irritated, bored, or exhausted. Think of an option to find somebody to help you with those things and opt for a professional virtual assistant to be your online partner and great helper. Luckily, there is a pool of professional virtual assistants modern market offers presently. 

To wrap up: if you have a law practice of any kind and find your everyday workload to be somehow daunting and repetitive for you, consider outsourcing. Start with sorting out the tasks to delegate and find the very virtual legal assistant best for you. Given that you have done everything properly, shortly you’ll experience all the benefits obtained as a result of such cooperation. The value is believed to be immediate and your expectations stood up to, be sure of it! 


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