Attracting Clients With LinkedIn: A Recipe For Success

Yes! Social Media Platforms are crucial for any kind of business. What comes to your mind, when you think of LinkedIn? Most probably, people see it as a place for posting their resume. But a number of almost 700 million active users make it a perfect place for reaching you clients and generating sales leads. Unlike Facebook, its main focus lies in your professional life.  

There are some basic rules you should follow to build your personal brand on LinkedIn:  

  • Professional profile picture and a background photo

Of course you are brilliant at building your marketing strategy, so your LinkedIn should showcase your expertise at its best. Start with the profile picture. Forget about selfies and so on, for it should be professionally-taken picture. Background photo is of the same importance as the profile picture, since it is the second visual element that draws attention of a customer.  

  • Creative headline 

Although, there are no rules regarding what your headline should contain, it definitely should not contain merely your job title. Don’t forget about a text to highlight your offer and a creative headline. Links to your website or landing page and a call to action are among the core information on your page. 

  • Expand your network

Have you been using your LinkedIn account for a while? If you have, you’ve probably spared time to connect all your existing clients. By doing this you’ll significantly expand your network and get the chance to build 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. Participating in related to your ideal customer groups is one more useful source of finding clients. The same should be done on all your Social Media Platforms.  

Have you met a potential lead in person? Immediately connect them on LinkedIn. Don’t forget about a search function for finding them. Once you’ve done that, you might send them a personalized request. Most of them will be accepted. Engaging with your customers’ content will make you visible to them.  

  • List your skills and spotlight the services

The list of your relevant skills helps enhance your headline and summary. The new LinkedIn feature like filling out the services section help your company showcase the services your company provides. So, don’t leave it out.   

  • Regular updating  

You will never get the second chance to make the first impression on your clients. Since the neglected profiles are easy to spot, you should save some time and polish your company profile. Spending a week on it and abandoning afterwards is a recipe for disaster. You have to acquire a habit of spending some time updating it regularly.  

  • Personalize everything   

Do you regularly get lots of emails and LinkedIn messages? Do you get annoyed, when you get a standard letter instead of a personal message? That’s it! Writing a generalized letter and blasting it to all your clients will not convert. Learning some basic facts about people you’re sending a letter to might be the key to personalizing your message, which shows your interest and an effort into establishing a contact. Do you need any help with the template letter? VAfromEurope could help with that. 

  • Regular posting 

      Regular content sharing is not just about Facebook. Weekly content sharing on LinkedIn will not just keep your profile “alive”, but it will also give your clients a reason to reach out to you. In other words consistent engagement is the key to success on LinkedIn. Posting once a month won’t give you the engagement level necessary for converting new leads into clients.  

Doing this requires some time and VAfromEurope would be happy to do that for you.