August Social Media Digest

Despite summer time, August was rich in SM news and updates, well worth discussing it in our monthly digest. So, here we go.

Facebook is going to bring Reels to its main application

The US is the first country to start live testing, which allows sharing Instagram Reels to the main app. In this way, Facebook is trying to enable users to share short videos within the application News Feed and Groups. Reels are available on the Reels Section at the top of your News Feed or you can simply tap a “Create” button while watching it. You can also share Instagram Reels to you Feed. These features might give a boost to short videos creation and prevent users from migrating to TikTok.

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Facebook rolls out new simplified Settings Layout

Last month Facebook updated its settings layout in order to improve users’ experience. The new simplified menu contains less on-screen text, provides more space between each element, all payment tools are grouped together, etc.

The redesigned categories are:

  • Account
  • Preferences
  • Audience and Visibility
  • Permissions
  • Your Information
  • Community Standards and Legal Policies
  • News Feed settings are simplified as well and grouped into Preferences, while the Privacy settings section was removed at all.

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Instagram adds more eCommerce tools

Within the e-commerce boost, Instagram is testing product listings promotion on the Shop front page. Once you click on a sponsored product, you’ll be forwarded to the Product Details Page, where you can see some additional pictures, if any available. These sponsored products can also be either shared or saved. The new Shop tab will be tested in the US with only selected brands for now.

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Instagram launches Link Stickers Function

The SM platform removed Swipe-up Links. The users, who had access to the former function, will get access to Link Stickers instead. The new sticker provides many benefits. It can be resized, put in different styles, and placed anywhere. Eventually, it might drive more traffic to your Stories.

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Twitter allows singing-in or logging-in via Apple or Google Credentials

This new feature will simplify access to your account through your device without entering your password each time. At first, you need to update your account and sign out on all devices. Once you return, you’ll get access to this option. After doing this, your Google/Apple account will be attached to your Twitter account. This option will eliminate the necessity to memorize a lot of passwords and, thus, streamline your work. A New Twitter feature will also be rolled out to all users shortly.

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Twitter launches Co-hosting option and ticketed Spaces

Twitter Spaces got two major updates last month. Now hosts can add co-hosts from the guests’ lists. In order to use this option, you’ll have to tap “Send co-host invite”. Once tapped, you can search through attendees and pick up the partner host. Two co-hosts are the limit for now. They will also be able to invite speakers, remove guests, etc, so this is actually an extra admin tool.

Ticketed Spaces option has been tested for some time and now more users are getting access to it, but those lucky ones are iOS users. By means of a new monetization option, Twitter is making an attempt to broaden its audience and boost its usage.

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LinkedIn acquires Jumprope

Jumprope is a teaching and learning platform, which allows creating step-by-step tutorials. As LinkedIn seeks to learn growth for professional skills, the platform acquired a new app in August. From now on Jumprope will work on LinkedIn tools, because on August 20 separate Jumprope officially stopped existing, its application was removed from App Store/Playmarket and its website was discontinued. The educational app will significantly add up to LinkedIn’s learning capacity.

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LinkedIn updates recommendation algorithm

In August LinkedIn updated its algorithm for “People you may know”. The new improved system looks for people with lesser numbers or connections in order to provide them with broader exposure. In practice, people who are deluged with connections requests tend to observe its reduction. In the long run, one major connection would be enough for “less popular” users to boost their presence and find valuable connections.

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TikTok is going to let users upload longer videos

TikTok is trying not to lose its momentum, thus some users are seeing a notification, encouraging them to upload longer videos. Actually, the platform updated the time limit several times and now it reaches up to 5 minutes long. You need to update your app to the latest version first though. This experiment might put TikTok into rivalry with YouTube and Facebook, but it also might give it a significant boost.

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WhatsApp provides a new level of privacy

The platform provides a new disappearing option, which means your pictures or videos will disappear, once you’ve opened them. This is a quite useful feature, but there is one major “but”. Users will not get a notification if someone makes a recording or a screenshot of the message. So, most probably, it is not much of privacy.

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Well, that is all for now. Are you going to implement at least some of them into your strategy? Need some help with it? Reach out to VAfromEurope or leave us a message and we will contact you to provide the best advice ever.