October Social Media Digest 

Yep, we are approaching winter and looking forward to Halloween preparations and Christmas shopping sprees. And once we are not there yet, we’ve prepared some hot news of Social Media World.   

Facebook starts counting unconnected accounts separately 

This is a major update for marketers. From now on Facebook is going to treat Facebook and Instagram accounts as separate for advertisement planning and measurement if they are not connected in Accounts Center. Those, who are will continue being treated as a single entity. Facebook Accounts Center allows connecting your accounts for cross-posting and log-in purposes. Up till now Facebook has counted people with multiple accounts as a single person if the same email address or the same device were used for accessing both platforms. Quite possibly this update will lead to a wider reach of Facebook Ads and change in planning estimates of the campaign. Besides that, ‘Potential Reach’ shows figures in ranges, not specific numbers. Facebook implemented some changes to the inclusion of fake and duplicate accounts last month, which is why these updates may be seen as a desire to comply with it.  

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-will-now-count-unconnected-facebook-and-instagram-accounts-separat/608089/ 

Facebook expands Audio Rooms Access and adds a new Tab 

In October Facebook made live audio rooms available to all public figures throughout the world after providing this option in the US. This means that all verified accounts are given the option of hosting those live rooms. Audio Room is going to be shown above the News Feed and Stories. For now only verified accounts and public figures are restricted to creating Audio Rooms, while all the users can tune in. And this fact makes sense since it prevents the Rooms from being overcrowded and people leaving the app without being able to find the best room right away.    

More Detailhttps://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-expands-access-to-live-audio-rooms-adds-new-dedicated-audio-tab/608022/ 

Instagram finally launches Desktop Posting Option  

On October 21st Instagram officially launched this option, which is long-awaited news for SM Managers. This functionality supports uploading photos and videos less than a minute in length, Stories and Reels are posted as they used to be. It means that, in order to save time and effort, managers won’t have to save images on multiple devices. As it has been noted, this function could be utilized before if a mobile mode was on. But last week the platform rolled out this feature to all users worldwide without any restrictions.   

More Detailshttps://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/instagram-will-enable-users-to-upload-photos-and-videos-via-desktop-from-th/608527/ 

Instagram makes Live-Stream Scheduling available 

This is a valuable feature for Instagram broadcasters. Now all the creators can schedule IG Live streams up to 90 days in advance, which provides more time for thorough planning and preparation. Live Composer allows adding a title and product tags if you’re going to promote any on your stream. It can be shared as a Feed Post for the users to sign up for notifications a day before and 15 min on a day of the Stream. This feature shows even more potential in terms of Live Shopping since according to the recent survey in China the vast majority of consumers confessed that they’ve bought goods during live streams.       

More Detailshttps://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/instagram-adds-live-stream-scheduling-to-drive-more-awareness-and-viewers/608184/ 

 LinkedIn provides new opportunities for Freelancers 

LinkedIn is looking to provide better Brands/Freelancers connections and expand its Services Marketplace. The platform is launching this option worldwide. Now users, who listed services on their profile can get wider exposure to job opportunities. LinkedIn facilitates this connection by providing one more option – right after your Services discovery a request for services can be sent right away without having to follow you or connect. There also is a new dashboard for service providers. Once you create a list of services provided, you’ll get a new dashboard to manage messages and requests.       

More Detailshttps://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/linkedin-launches-new-freelancer-connection-tools-to-lean-into-the-rising-g/609016/ 

Twitter expands Spaces to all iOS and Android Users 

Finally, at the end of the month the option of hosting Spaces was rolled out to everybody. Up till then, this option had been available for users with 600+ followers, while everybody had a chance to tune it. On one hand it provides more capacity for communication, on the other provides new challenges for guiding followers to the most interesting discussions. Twitter is also rolling new Spaces Tab, which highlights chats according to your interests.     

More Detailshttps://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/twitter-opens-up-spaces-hosting-to-all-users-on-ios-and-android/608700/ 

Clubhouse launches ‘Clips’ access 

After some testing Clubhouse allowed sharing 30-second audio clips to all iOS users. Now the users can see a scissors icon, once tapped it captures 30-second clip for further saving and third-party sharing. Apart from this, the platform provides QR code, which allows linking back to the room in progress. By doing so Clubhouse is probably trying to spark engagement again.  

More Detailshttps://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/clubhouse-expands-clips-access-to-all-users-on-ios-adds-new-link-sharing-o/607822/ 

YouTube makes new Caption Options available 

From now on all the creators get the option of automatic captions for live streams in English. Up till now, it has been available for 1k+ channels. This function can be enabled through YouTube Studio and Stream Settings. YouTube is also planning to add more languages and expand subtitle translation to mobile. And finally, the video giant is about to provide the searching option for video transcripts, which means that users will be able to find specific moments without watching the entire video.      

More Detailshttps://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/youtube-adds-new-caption-options-including-the-expansion-of-automatic-capt/607963/ 

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