March Social Media Digest

Spring is here. So we are back with a bunch of useful hacks and updates that can make your Social Media Presence easier and more effective. They are designed to help you make your marketing strategy even more effective.  

Facebook rolls out reactions for Reels 

Facebook Reels are the new trend on Facebook. Have you ever thought that you would like to add a reaction to it and let the creator know what you think of it? Well, the platform is making your dreams come true. Last month Facebook provided seven emoji reactions to help users express themselves. Before that users’ reactions were limited to likes or comments. This new update seems to be natural since we are used to using it on both Instagram and Facebook.  

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Instagram gets closer to the deaf 

Instagram makes auto-generated captions available for Feed Videos. At the beginning of last month, the platform users became able to turn on automated captions for their feed posts. In this way, Instagram improves the accessibility of the platform to deaf people and those with hearing problems. For creators, this option is always on by default. The ‘Caption Sticker’ allows enabling automated captions for Reels. All in all, this option is going to maximize viewing capacity among all communities.      

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LinkedIn rolls out ‘Career Break’ to all users 

The ‘Career Break’ option provides users with the ability to explain the gaps in their careers. This new feature provides a variety of different job titles and other gap options. More and more professionals opt for taking a break from their career life for different reasons. ‘Career Break’ feature provides more context to the career gaps. This option is particularly beneficial for women and stay-at-home parents, which has the potential to enhance job search efforts.   

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 LinkedIn provides a deeper level of insight 

LinkedIn creators are getting some new tools. This kit will include better content analytics, profile video tools, newsletter showcase options, and a few more. From now on LinkedIn creators can better plan and optimize their content strategy and budget. Overall impression and engagement statistics will provide a deeper level of insight to improve a content approach. Creator Mode statistics is even more insightful. Improved post analytics will now include like impressions and reshares for videos, articles, and simple texts. In other words, new statistics will help creators build a larger audience and improve their marketing strategy.     

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Twitter rolls out professional accounts to all users 

At the end of the month, Twitter rolled out Professional Accounts to all users. Now they can switch to this option through their profile settings. This conversion provides a variety of extra features. Users will get access to new business information, product listing, etc. From now on the platform’s approval is no longer needed for converting your profile to a professional one. Though you are supposed to meet certain criteria to be able to convert to a professional account.    

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Twitter activates keyword search within direct messages 

That is a very useful update. Last week Twitter officially launched this option. It allows finding any specific conversations, products or names mentioned, links, etc. The search bar filters your queries into four sections: ‘All’, ‘People’, ‘Groups’, and ‘Messages’. The new expanded functionality provides the new capacity to look up the specific mentions, names, etc. in your direct messages. This new update is extremely beneficial for brands since it broadens how they can track responses and engagements. Thus they can streamline their customer service and DM response.  

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