August Social Media Digest

Unfortunately, the summertime is over and it’s time to get back to intensive workdays. We’re going to miss those sunny days and warm evenings, but there is nothing we can do about it. We can only get ready for the new business season with a bunch of news Social Media News. 

Meta rolls out new features for Reels 

At the end of summer Reels got new features both on Facebook and Instagram. Now you can use ‘Add Yours’ stickers from Stories. It proves and availability to post questions and get the responses from each app. Though this might be an attempt to achieve TikTok’s success, it can still spark some extra engagement. An option to convert your archived Stories into new Reels is the next step. ‘Create from your story Archive’ allows you to flip the content you used before into Reels. One more update – Meta opens access to Stars on Reels to all creators who maintained at least 1K followers within the last two months.  

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Facebook Messenger is looking to boost group chats 

This time group admins received a new option to invite people to start a group chat. Admin will just have to send a link to a Messenger chat. Since we are approaching a new school year this option can spark a new activity and eliminate the necessity to look for and add members manually. Even in this case the group admins remain in charge and have the right to ‘approve’ new members. Brands can also benefit from the new feature by inviting people to join their communities to share information on new products or events. Besides that, the group admins on Instagram will also get this option through the ‘Join Chat Sticker’ in the Stories.    

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Instagram develops a new tool 

Instagram is trying to become as addictive as TikTok, which provides a stream of videos relevant to each person. Now the ‘Explore’ section allows users to let the app know that they are interested in particular topics. As soon as you do this, Instagram will stop showing irrelevant topics. The new AI-fueled tool helps to get rid of unwanted posts. Instagram is also going to test the new option to tell the app that you do not want to see posts with certain words or phrases. Though users will have to manually provide feedback,  this might be a good attempt to achieve TikTok’s success.  

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Linkedin launches new app to create viral posts 

LinkedIn developed a new ‘Viral post generator’ to help you join those whose thoughts make an influence. The application based on machine learning can provide you with some ideas for your provoking LinkedIn posts, based on existing viral posts. You need to input your achievements for the day and your inspirational advice. Then you have to choose the ‘cringe level’. The tool will make up actual post templates. If you do not like the result, you can rerun the application as many times as you want. Once you are satisfied with it, you can use the screenshot and post it to your feed with the app’s tags. 

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All Twitter users get access to ‘Circles’ 

After a successful test, Twitter decided to grunt all users access to ‘Circles’. This option is available to iOS, Android, and Web users. If you feel our tweet is a kind of special, you can create of own Twitter Circle and add up to 150 friends there. Once you create a post you will have two options whether to share your ideas with everybody on the platform of your special ones. You remain in charge of your circle and can choose who is in. The good news about it is that nobody gets notified about your changes. Though members of the Circle will see the green badge notifying that this tweet is not for everybody.    

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WhatsApp desktop is available 

In August the platform launched a new way to stay in touch with family and friends. Now you can download WhatsApp for Windows from the Microsoft store. The new app provides a new way to log in or your PC. The opportunity to log in to a desktop app or via browser was available some time before. But the native to the operating system app gives a better experience and speed, better design, and improved reliability. The new integrated notifications allow you to track all your social interactions. Brands value the opportunity to connect with customers via DM, which means it can boost conversions.  

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TikTok introduces new Shopping Ads 

The new ad solution will help brands to promote their products. There are new three formats: 

– Video Shopping Ads 

– Catalog Listing Ads 

– Live Shopping Ads 

These options were extremely successful in the Chinese market, though the western market has not been quite responsive. And yet the platform feels confident in doing this, but Shopping Ads are now available through the approved partners.   

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No time to feel sorry for the summer. September is sure to bring even more useful features and tools. While you are reading this digest, VAfromEurope is working on the next one. Stay tuned in with our monthly digest to be aware of the most relevant SM updates.