The Most Popular Social Media To Build Your Presence In 2023

Everybody knows that cyberspace is a compelling space to build your presence. Are you using social media? Everybody does. And the number of users is only growing each year. In fact, 85% of mobile phone users are using social media and that makes a whopping number of 5.25 billion users. The audience ranges from teenagers to the retired. According to the statistics, the time people spend on social media increases each year as well. And this opportunity is not to be missed.

Users do not limit their activity on social media to establishing contacts only. Most importantly, they do shopping there. That is why every business now recognizes social media as the most powerful tool for building and promoting the brand, reaching the audience, and eventually boosting sales.

The pandemic became a game changer for shopping habits. Many brands kept their online presence in maintenance mode. With the pandemic, there was a spike in social media activity. Even now that the pandemic restrictions have lifted, the consumer buying habits haven’t. Therefore, a sophisticated marketing strategy is a must to succeed in the market.

Managing your presence worldwide can be a challenge. To be able to tailor an effective marketing strategy marketers need to know what the most popular social media platform with an active audience is and the users’ preferences.

Here are top-5 social media platforms broken down by countries:


Nowadays social media is an indispensable tool in achieving marketing objectives. As you can see, Facebook ranks number 1 in most countries and leads the pack. Actually, one-third of the world’s population are active Facebook users. Despite the privacy scandals, it remains the most valuable channel of communication for most brands throughout the world. You can definitely use it for launching campaigns to target people in the US, European countries, Ireland and Australia. The most popular platforms in the US are owned by the same company – Meta. For more social media hacks subscribe to VAfromEurope social media digest. 

Instagram is still a perfect marketing channel in the US and Europe as its user’s age between 16-64.  European users are getting more and more demanding, especially now that they know the power of their voices. The European market is getting a more competitive space since consumers have the whole world at their fingertips.  

WhatsApp can be the right place for brands in Europe and Australia to connect with their consumers as well. The latest statistics show that most users are willing to use it to connect with the brands. Thankfully, you can use WhatsApp Business for that.  

Though YouTube is a video hosting platform and not a social media app, you should take it seriously and make it a part of your marketing strategy, especially if your business works with European and Australian markets. Statistics show that TikTok users are mostly young adults. And it is on the rise in the UK and Ireland at the moment though it did not rank in the top-5.   

Despite being pretty much alike, the US and European markets are slightly different. European consumers, especially British and Irish tend to spend more time online than Americans and are more demanding when it comes to brand interaction and customer service.  Poor customer service will more likely make European users turn to a competitor. High-quality customer service is pivotal no matter what market your business is working for though.