August Social Media Digest

Summer is officially over and we are getting back to intense work days. Unlike other summer months, August was the month of WhatsApp updates and X rebranding without any breaking news. A bunch of new Social Media updates will help you start the season.  


X adds a new reply option 

Direct messages got new functionality last month. Now users can swipe to reply to a message. This update is no news for other platforms though. It streamlines the messaging process. The capacity to reply to a specific message became available in May. A general reply can still be added in a bubble. The verified users can still send encrypted messages, while an option to accept non-follower messages from verified users was made default. Non-payers can also use a new swipe functionality since the majority of users have not signed up for X Premium. Besides that, X is looking to make audio and video calls available soon. 

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LinkedIn provides new options for job seekers 

There is a new option available for job seekers on LinkedIn. Now they have better options to highlight their skills and competencies. The new ‘About’ section allows tagging five top skills you possess. It makes it easier for people visiting your profile to get an idea of your skills. This section can be used as an answer to questions if you’re suitable for the job. The ‘Projects’ section can be used for media content. The ‘Credentials’ element updates your skills within its Recruiters platform to let recruiters see your projects as well. Supposedly, it will help your profile to catch the recruiters’ eye.  

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LinkedIn is looking to personalize user’s feed  

LinkedIn is looking to personalize user’s Feed by changing its algorithm and notifications. Now it is showing posts and content from Pages and people you engage with the most. Relevant topics are highlighted by hashtags. Certain actions on LinkedIn are getting fewer notifications. Most reach is gained over time rather than right after being posted. In other words, hashtags, users, posts, and other interactions are considered as signals that alter the algorithm. The new system identifies and recommends content that is relevant to user’s preferences. 

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WhatsApp upgrades video calling option 

WhatsApp updated video calling capacity by adding screen-sharing option. Video is a major focus for Meta products which is why you can now share your device screen with those on the call.  The new feature is going to enhance users’ experience by sharing presentations, demonstrations, etc. That’s a useful update for regular users and brands as well. Regular users can engage with their family and friends, while brands can highlight their new products and services. The new feature is now available for everyone.  

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