September Social Media Digest

Nice seeing you again! Our monthly meetings are awesome. In Autumn you can grab your favorite tea and spend some time with us. Here is the September social media news we’ve chosen for you. 

Facebook allows creation multiple accounts 

That’s interesting. Facebook now allows users to create multiple accounts for the sake of exploring, and sharing different content. Now there is another ‘Create another profile’ option available. Users can now create up to 4 separate profiles. Each of them has its own username and feed, audience, range of interests, and a list of friends. Creating a couple of profiles is aimed at helping users differentiate between what and whom they’d like to share content with. Besides that, users can keep their professional and personal relationships apart which provides another level of privacy.       

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Instagram updates Reels 

Instagram keeps updating Reels to mimic TikTok. A new ‘Following’ feed was added to Reels Tab. Now users can form the feed from accounts that they follow or choose. That is just a minor update and it use is questionable. Instagram users usually follow a range of accounts and might be interested in their regular updates rather than in their Reels. You can switch your mode by tapping on Reels and can easily switch back. 

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Google is looking to optimize ad performance 

To optimize the video performance Google now is going to use a new AI tool called ‘Creative guidance’. It is abuilt into the Google Ads tool which is going to assess your videos and provide feedback using Google’s ‘best practices’. The new feature in Google Analytics notifies you when a key creative best practice is missing. Creative guidance can give you specific recommendations to improve your ad performance. ‘Ideas to try’ provides specific tips like adding the logo to your video or making sure it meets other requirements. All in all, it is not going to make a new video for you, but will definitely help you out.  

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YouTube provides improved Subscriber Analytics 

The video platform is constantly working on its analytics tools. This time they’ve got a set of useful updates to offer. Creators used to be able to see the number of new or returning viewers. The new update allows them to break down the number of views by new and returning viewers and compare them. The ‘New and returning viewers’ tab is dedicated to this insight. There is also an update that provides insight into why people cancel their subscriptions. A new card will include the summary of optional answers people are going to be asked when they hit ‘unsubscribe’. Supposedly, those updates will help creators with content planning.  

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WhatsApp rolls channels to a broader audience 

WhatsApp rolled out Channels to 150 more regions. They are available in a separate tab where you can join the information service. Channels claim to be the most private broadcast service because nobody can see who you choose to follow to protect personal information. Millions of celebrities are now available to follow. And it is probably going to be a very popular option.  

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