October Social Media Digest

Read or treat! The spookiest day of the year is gone so is October. That is why we are back with a list of the hottest Social Media news despite the cold days.  

Facebook and Messenger   

Channels received a lot of success on Instagram which is why Facebook and Messenger are getting this option as well. That is a one-way chat where creators can share their news and updates. The followers are getting updates via DM which provides a more intimate connection. Besides that, broadcasters do not have to worry about algorithms. Channels are usually highlighted on Creators’ pages and can be followed via Messenger where followers can receive voice notes, text, photos, videos, and GIFs.    

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Google Business allows adding links 

Google is looking to help brands maximize their social media exposure. When your listing pops up on Google Maps and Search, every brand in every region can add social media links to the business profile on Google. Now businesses can add only one link per social media, which provides another way to drive traffic to SM. Google supports seven platforms for far, these are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X, and YouTube. You can access this feature in ‘Contact’ within ‘Edit profile’ and then ‘Business information’.  

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Google is fighting spammers 

Google is trying to combat spammers using Gmail for mass promotions and imposing restrictions on those who send more than 5k emails a day. As of February 2024, accounts sending that number of emails will have to: 

–   Authenticate their email via enacting DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). 

– Provide easy unsubscribe options.  

– Make sure they are sending wanted content. 

  Those parameters are easy to stick to for legitimate senders. This initiative is aimed at making sure that users do not get buried under the avalanche of unwanted emails. 

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X rolls out a new audience control option 

In October verified users only received an option to limit their post replies. X used to have three reply control options and now it’s getting a new one – ‘Verified accounts’, meaning you can restrict access to verified accounts only. That might seem a bit weird as only less than 1% are using its Premium Package. But still, hardly 20% of the audience post anything at all, and most of the interactions come from replies, comments, etc. And it seems to be a bit counterintuitive since everyone would think that the bigger number of responses would make sure your content would be seen by verified and non-verified users anyway. Or it is just an X’s plan to incentivize their Premium package   

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