Virtual Assistants For Authors And Book Marketing

Visual art is not the only art that needs promotion. Yes, you got it right. Writers and their masterpieces need some marketing too. Mostly, book promotion involves doing time-consuming and repetitive tasks. No surprise an author or an author’s agent could outsource those mundane though important tasks to a professional VA so that a writer can focus on creating only. So how Virtual Assistants can help authors on book marketing read below.

Why outsource? Read it here Do you consider outsourcing BPO services to Ukraine? – VA ( . Outsourcing to the trustworthy agency is pivotal for success. Here at VAfromEurope we provide support to the promotion company that supports writers in many ways, including book tours, book clubs, SM promotion, etc.   

So, currently, we do 

– Book tours on Instagram. This service involves email marketing powered by MailChimp. It all starts with a sign-up page that informs the audience about the event. The interested ones can sign up and move forward. Subscription means book influencers are getting a hard copy or an ebook in exchange for their SM comments/reviews on every possible platform that can potentially attract more buyers. Managing book touring involves:     

  • Our virtual assistant goes through the audience of readers to determine the most active ones and selects them for touring. 
  • The preselected participants receive a ‘congratulation’ email inviting them to proceed with the touring.
  • The audience of active readers gets a hard copy or an ebook. Our assistant makes sure everybody gets it on time. 
  • It’s not it yet. The lucky readers who got the book are still following the requirements of the book tour. The selected readers get on an individual schedule to post their reviews on Instagram. 
  • Virtual Assistant is also tracking if the readers leave their comments and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. 
  • Our dedicated VA sends out reminders, book info, etc. 
  • The book reviews from the book influencers go straight to the website as our VA conducts the blog. 

Our services also include: 

–  Creating visual content for the web and SM. 

–  Research into topics about books and authors.  

–  Managing emails.  

–  Conducting a website blog.  

–  Admin tasks like tracking the touring process via appropriate tools. 

– Utilizing MailChimp for sending out book tours to readers and book clubs, EaRC campaigns. 

– Social media marketing is a piece of cake for our experienced copywriters.  

We also can help with: 

– Need a book review? Professional copywriter creates entertaining reviews and posts them on the web and social media.   

– Creating a masterpiece involves extensive research into the topic and fact-checking. It takes too much time, so delegating it would be an option.  

– Hate typing? No problem, a VA can transcribe your handwriting and proofread it.  

There is no need to dwell upon the importance of hiring a VA because you already know it. But hiring a VA for book marketing could be new on your radar. No worries! Let’s schedule a meeting for further details.