December Social Media Digest

December is the month of holiday rush, shopping sprees, and waiting for a miracle to happen. This atmosphere has little to do with creativity and productivity. However, social media giants managed to release some useful features that would make your social media presence safe and sound. 


Instagram offers a new privacy feature 

The importance of this feature varies depending on what level of privacy you expect from Instagram. In December users got an option to prevent others from enlarging their profile picture. You can remove this option in your account settings. It might not be a big deal. However, there is an advantage of turning this feature off, since there are lots of impersonators who might try to steal your personality for some fraudulent purposes.  

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Instagram is looking for a new way to spark creativity 

We all love Stories. So now you can customize your Stories to be able to express your creativity and boost engagement. This means that users can now create their templates for Stories that can be used as many times as needed.  

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Threads comes to Europe 

Meta’s competitor is now available in Europe welcoming all users. Threads audience in the US is growing and makes up around 10% of IG audience. Thus, by providing a European version of the app Meta is looking to maximize its exposure. Though X is still the leader, Meta believes that Threads will find its audience in Europe.  

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WhatsApp provides another layer of privacy 

Here comes a new useful feature which is not going to leave you indifferent. The ‘view once’ feature has been available for messages and pictures for more than two years already. In December this handy feature was rolled out for audio messages. So now on, once you’ve heard them, they disappear. This being said, a new feature will definitely provide an extra layer of protection for your secrets and sensitive information.   

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2024 is officially here!