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To outsource to Ukraine or not to outsource to Ukraine? A ‘simple’ Shakespearean question that is hardly ever answered without a thorough research into IT outsourcing or benefits of outsourcing in advance.

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That means you have paved your way through a maze of Google pages looking for some tips to reduce your daily workload or, in case you are a business owner, optimize your company internal processes.

There is 100% chance you are now well-versed in this area and are already looking for the best destination for your business process outsourcing.

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Market offering of business process outsourcing destinations is already quite substantial. Although Asia has been an undisputed leader occupying high-rank position on global outsourcing market for quite some time already, lately, though competitors from Eastern Europe, in particular from Ukraine, have started following hot on its heels. The question arises: what makes leading companies (Smartling, SHAPE, Jelastic, Currency Cloud, Elementrum SCM, Viewdle, DisclosureNet, CloudMade, AdsWizz) turn their eyes westward to Ukraine.

Here is what:

Competent and skillful specialists with university degrees

Ukraine holds distinction of being home to over 800 institutions of higher education and a vast pool of competent and educated human resources. Since education is considered to be major human value for this nation, an impressive amount of workers from Western and Central Ukraine have obtained two degrees, some even from the world’s finest universities. In 2012 Ukraine ranked higher than any other Eastern European country in the Nation Higher Education Systems rating developed by Universitas 21. It left behind Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Russia and Slovakia.

The region is turning into a real tech hub

103 institutions of higher education in Ukraine develop IT skills, an estimated 16,000 IT specialists graduate annually in Ukraine, 16 out of the 24 finalists of Google’s annual Code Jam programming competition were from Central and Eastern Europe. All these facts stand to reason why Ukraine is gradually turning into a real tech hub, programmers from Ukraine are gaining worldwide acclaim and it outsourcing is reaching winning positions.

Tough competition

Tough competition on job market that is particularly intense among Ukrainian programmers is a kind of a knock-off effect of a well-developed educational system. And this spurs high quality work and speed of delivery

Outsourcing to Ukraine is cost-effective and low-priced

You might say that since software developers or virtual assistants from Ukraine are low-cost, they feel no incentive to build robust systems with good architecture or complete task efficiently. That is not the case if you account for money value of different countries. Outsourcing to Ukraine is not cheap it is cost-effective. What sounds cheap for you may be quite decent for your service providers.

Outsourcing to Ukraine is quite smooth

Western mentality and fluent command of English (one of main subjects in all secondary schools and higher education establishments) rule out the possibility of communication failure or cultural dissonance. Communication problems and cultural differences are real setbacks especially when it comes to giving instructions to people who have different grasp of language or culture. Virtual assistants from Europe, in particular virtual assistants from Ukraine aren’t prone to fall victim to this trap due to cultural similarities with their offshore customers.

Among red flags that make the scales tip are social unrest, unstable government, sluggish economy. One might think they interfere with global outsourcing trends. Well, hardly. There is no such thing as high staff turnover common for it specialists and virtual assistants from Philippines or India who shuttle from one employer to another in search of “greener pastures”. Recent turmoil has made Ukrainians even more persistent, goal-oriented, they tend to value opportunities life presents. This is a lesson once learned adds high value to a person as a professional, irrespective whether this is a developer or virtual assistant. That matters most of all, don’t you think? In the end, this is what we expect while outsourcing task: professional approach and immediate assistance.

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  • Ruell

    Very good reasons, Ukraine has the possibility of creating stable economic ground, but Ukraine and the rest of Europe has to be able to adapt to modern reality, that means when living in a world of different people, you should not be against someone for race or color, if they are bad or good is what should be the criteria for defending or bring mean, I don’t judge race or color people are all the same to me, but if your a bad person I don’t want to have anything to do with you, this is the mentality of most countries that are in power now, the US is a country where people of different race are friends and do business together, that’s an element that Europe in some places might not have, so I would say, if it’s not someone bad, you should treat them with respect and kindness, conduct good business, when people are able to feel safe and work well with each other, they will be happy to do things that benefit each other, bring business to countries that need it, and in turn get excellent works that benefits the company, this element will surely create more stability, because it creates the option of working together, whereas it would be nothing for someone, and the other has to find What they need elsewhere, but there are options, so the only one losing out it the one that got nothing. People that create negative circumstances are the one doing more harm to their people, country, and all over tribal things, if someone is not bad, and is just living there life, why would that affect you, but the negative action you take, could harm your country in many more horrible ways, so they need to do what’s best for their country and people and be nice, it creates a better environment for me to do business when I don’t have to worry about stupid things like getting affected for no reason, if I’m not doing anything to you, then your guilty, basically this is to kind of show you the mind set that is outside of the country, and how it’s might affect you, governments need to allow good businesses to benefit, by creating opportunity, especially opportunity that comes back to the people of the country, if I have ti second guess going to place to create grow for my business and benefits its a problem, I do what’s right, if I have to defend myself I will,that’s right, if I do business I try to make sure the business or people benefit, I set good policies and mind my own business, meaning a dont start problems, I treat people with respect unless I have to defend myself against schemes and such, so that means, when I go some where I tend to want the environment to be the same, no worries, just good benefits and great accomplishments, you say so many Ukrainian are so smart, and I believe you, so they need to readjust their mind set to put themselves in the circumstance to benefit, then they can make their own accomplishments come to fruition.That’s how I see things, I like the blog’s direction, there are so many talented people, that want to get things done, and it awesome when they avenue is available, college is tough, and I would hate to see so many skilled people around the world not accomplish anything because they not being good people, this is not just about Ukraine, it’s all over the world, I read your blog and it brought forth this long comment that I hope is received well, it’s from good intentions, but selfish motives of wanting things to be good.

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