How To Start Working With Virtual Personal Assistant?

In today’s fast-paced hectic world of business with its growing demands, competitive pressures and ever-increasing to-do lists hardly ever does someone question the necessity to hire a virtual personal assistant. The need to hire a virtual assistant becomes overriding the moment you find yourself laden with notifications, reminders, beeps, alerts and messages that pop up on your smartphone, digital planner, in your inbox or on your desktop.

Once you have selected your “to-go” resource of virtual assistants for hire, followed how to hire a va website section, signed up for the service and located your right-hand tech-friendly remote helpmate all you need to do now is coordinate your work process.

Here is an important part of how to hire a va procedure that should be unquestionably followed to secure easy workflow and efficient results.

1. Choose the line of communication

Effective communication is an integral part of any successful working relationships. This is something you should be aiming at now that you’ve decided to enlist help by hiring a virtual assistant. First, agree on a line of communication. Whatever you choose: phone, email, Skype calls or intant messaging it should be up and running, posing no communication challenges.

2. Schedule regular information exchange

When hiring a virtual assistant, express your expectations as to certain hours of the day you’d like your VA to be online or available and set the time for regular weekly updates. This way you’ll be kept apprised of your assistant’s progress on the task or project and you’ll definately avoid the disappointment of not being able to reach your task manager.

3. Scope out your tasks

Virtual assistants for hire offer a set of skills ranging from general to more specialized. But when hiring a virtual assistant do not expect to get full package or a master of everything to pull off any range of challenges or any task unless of course you are considering VA companies as your “to-go” resource for a virtual assistant for hire hunting.

Think a while, make a list of tasks you’d want your assistant to perform for you and save yourself the trouble by being very precise and open as to the scope of work you expect your task manager to perform. Only when you have full consent (reinforced with qualifications) from your potential virtual assistant, hire!

4. Request signing non-disclosure agreement

Having your task handler sign NDA is a prerequisite to sound sleep at night. And the quality of your nightly rest hinges greatly on you having the warranty that when you hire virtual assistants any business information covered in the agreement won’t be disclosed while confidential, proprietary materials or work results used for their own benefit or at their own discretion.

5. Provide clear and detailed instructions and ask for verification

Before your hire virtual assistant who’ll get a head start on your tasks or projects make sure to send assignments with clear step-by-step instructions and expectations. If possible provide examples by sharing your screen when in Skype or creating screenshots with FireShot or use video screencasts. Do not assume that your VA got the gist, verify that they got it. Ask to explain the task back to you or estimate time needed to perform it. Besides, upon just hiring a virtual assistant allocate more time for task completion before they get into the swing of things.

6. Evaluate and manage the risks before starting to work with VA

There are a few big worries people experience when hiring a va: unprofessional, low quality work, disappearing act. Deciding not to hire a virtual assistant because of these worrries is not your best option. Rather act on those risks with some forethought. Think of some plan for dealing with such cases: before hiring a va consider a trial period, do not pay in advance, discuss vacation time, review work halfway through to ensure your va doesn’t go down the blind alley.

Now that you know the cautionary tale make it a happy ending: hire a virtual assistant to stay on top of your tasks!