Virtual Assistant: Agency or Freelancer

So you finally decided to make your business more successful, your time – more flexible and effective and your life – easier. In a nutshell – you are ready to delegate tasks to virtual assistant who will provide you with quality and professional work. How much does the work of a virtual assistant cost and which service is better – the one, provided by a freelancer or by virtual assistant agency? Find the best solution for your start up!

How to hire a freelancer

If you decide to delegate your business to virtual assistant then you can examine the freelancer and search for the companion on the freelance websites. The following ones are among the most popular:

  • Upwork
  • 99Designs
  • Elance
  • Freelacer
  • iFreelance
  • SimplyHired

But if you feel like you want to get better results and to be totally sure about it, you should search for a virtual assistant in the virtual assistant agency which will provide you with a licensed and experienced attendant instead of a freelancer.

Why to search for a colleague in virtual assistant agency?

There are some significant and convincing advantages of VA company and the experience proved that a virtual assistant hired in this way will perfectly operate the functions. Taking into consideration that a virtual assistant agency is responsible for the quality of project implementation, they will do their best to find an apprentice, who will not let you down, who will be the qualified and competent employee and who will have a set of skills which match your requirements. The VA company regulates the prices while the freelancer can establish a payment which is not acceptable for you or which does not correspond to the demand of the market. The certified virtual assistant agency cares about its prestige and reputation on the retail arena, so this is to their advantage to find the best candidate for you. In case of any problems, you can always contact the VA company to find the explanation and quick fix of the dispute while in case with a freelancer you cannot fully rely on him and trying to resolve the complication can take much of your time.

The virtual assistant agency takes care so that the virtual assistant deliver the work in time and does not miss the deadlines and you can easily deduct the money from the payment if you consider it appropriate.

You may find really talented freelancer who will perform at his best for your project, but it goes without saying that VA company will grant you with the highest quality assistant and will make sure everything goes under control.

Got tired of searching through many companies and freelancer websites? Check out the VAfromEurope suggestions and delegate your work to skillful professionals who appreciate your efforts and time!