Global outsource tips: Your Virtual assistant in Asia may cover everything

You are super busy all the time and finally you have decided to hire a “virtual assistant” to simplify your life and focus on what you are interested in? Then one of the most important questions is the location of your new colleague. The assistant hiring is not as easy as it may seem. First of all, because there are many specific things to consider. Especially when it comes to the location. Let’s look how the work goes if you are bringing in an Asian professional!

Low rates

If you are hiring a virtual assistant from Asia, you can find services at very low rates. Asian professionals are not demanding the high salaries and they can work for the price an average American would never agree to be paid. It will save you tons and this is usually the main reason why people are delegating tasks to Asia.

Enthusiasm and hardworking

Many Asian colleagues are very enthusiastic about the tasks you are delegating to them, and, as a rule, the main stimulus is money you are paying. For many Asian citizens being hired by American company means getting paid higher than while working on the governmental positions. This motivates them to work hard because of being afraid to lose the profitable job. And that is why the virtual assistant from Asia will try to prove you he can cover everything.

Goal oriented

One of the features of Asian virtual assistants is their goal orientation and paying less attention to the process. Those professionals will be really devoted to the tasks you are giving to them, but sometimes – without understanding the whole procedure, the steps and the details. And this is important part of the working culture. The assistant may do whatever you are asking him to do, but he will not ask you what is the best way to do that, how to implement that in a best way. And the result can be not what you expected.

Cultural differences

There will always be cultural differences when you are hiring a professional from Asia, but to reduce the risk, search for the trusted companies which can help you find the best companions. Moreover, if you see that the cultural differences are too strong or it will influence your project in a bad way, leave the idea of hiring this assistant away.

Different time zone

Living thousand kilometers away make it not so easy to get in touch and to communicate and manage the colleagues. Your virtual assistant from Asia will still do best to fulfill your desires, but it might be difficult for you to chat and discuss the plans in a real time, especially if you want to hire a virtual secretary from Asia.

Read the references

All the expectations and the prejudice aside, you should look at the things with a cold mind. At the same price you may hire a person who will sacrifice all the time to your business or the one who will offhandedly do what you will ask just to get some money. Do not get lost, try to find the proper references from VA users, ask them about the advantages and difficulties, ask for the advice and be sure to choose the best “virtual assistant” out of those who will surround you with the virtual services offers.