100 Instagram statistics of 2016 showing how social media visual content can be easily turned into money

By the last few years Instagram has become a very powerful instrument for business as a huge platform for marketing. Each day the number of users of this social media is growing worldwide rapidly. With the help of Instagram it’s easier to promote different goods according to the needs of your target group. In addition, it mostly consists of the visual content, and it is well known that people percept this kind of information better, than others. Facts speak for themselves with the statistics below:

1. Each month about 400 million people worldwide use Instagram.

2. More than 75 million people use this app every day.

3. 20% of active Internet involved people use Instagram.

4. 27.6% of USA citizens use Instagram by the information of the year 2015

5. 16% is the approximate monthly increase of followers for Instagram users

6. 91.07% of posts are photos

7. 90% of users are under the age of 35

8. 20% of US adult women using Instagram

9. While 15% of US adult men using it

10. 106.2 million is the supposed number of the US Instagram users by 2018

11. 20% of Internet users at age 16-64 have an Instagram profile

12. 41% of people at age 16-64 are using Instagram

13. 75% of users are not from the USA

14. The most active Instagram users in India are between ages 18-24

15. 30.4% of US social media users use Instagram

16. The amount of US Instagram users increased for 60% in 2014

17. 53% of US active online adult users between ages 18-29 use this app

18. 49% of all US grown-ups use Instagram every day

19. 52% of US teenagers at age 13-17 are Instagram users

20. 15.5 million of US teens use Instagram

21. 61% of US teen females using this app

22. 44% of US teen males are Instagram users

23. 61% of high school pupils use Instagram by the 2015 data

24. In 2014 51% of high school pupils used Instagram

25. 27% of US teenagers regarding Instagram as the most important social media

26. 32% of them counting Instagram as the most favorite social media

27. The number of teen Instagram users worldwide increased for 85% in the year 2013 since the beginning of the year till it’s end

28. 34% of US teenagers and Net Generation use Instagram

29. 43% of UK teenagers between ages of 11-16 use Instagram each week

30. 36% of US people at age 18-29 have Instagram profiles

31. 18% users are from Ireland

32. 14 million of active users are from the UK

33. 11% of users are from Japan

34. 22% Instagram users are from Middle East and North Africa

35. The most active Instagram country from the Middle East and North Africa region is Saudi Arabia

36. 17% of France Instagram users are at age 11-18

37. 1.7 million people in Thailand use Instagram

38. 47% of US Instagram users surfing the app via smartphones

39. 53% among US mobile Instagram users accessing Instagram with tablet

40. 43.1% of Gen X people in US using Instagram with smartphones

41. 26% Instagram users are from Norway

42. 55% of Canadian Internet users accessing Instagram every day

43. 14% of French teenagers use Instagram

44. 51% of Canadian users accessing Instagram via smartphones

45. 89% of active Canadian Internet users use Instagram every month

46. 18% of females in Canada have an Instagram profile

47. 14% of male active Canadian Internet users have an Instagram profile

48. 10% of Instagram users are from Finland

49. 15% of overall visits of Instagram worldwide are from Finland

50. 772,000 of Netherlands Internet users accessing Instagram every day

51. 45% of Latin American Instagram users surfing the app via smartphones

52. 39% Mexican Instagram users surfing the app via smartphone

53. #love is the most frequently used hashtag in 2015

54. It has been used for 800 million times

55. 3.2 million likes gained the most liked photo on Instagram of 2015. It’s the photo taken by Kendall Jenner

56. The most geotagged location of 2015 is Disneyland in California.

57. Times Square in New York City is the second most Instagrammed location in 2015

58. 40 billion photos were shared on Instagram

59. 2.69 posts a day is the approximate amount of Instagram posts per one account

60. 2.61% of followers are involved with a post in Instagram

61. 2.69% of Instagram followers engaged with a photo post

62. 80 million of photos posted every day on Instagram

63. #vegas is the most popular hashtag of the top Instagram tendency-makers

64. Kim Kardashian is the most popular Instagram celebrity on the level of public engagement with likes and comments both

65. Kylie Jenner is the second most popular Instagram celebrity on the level of public engagement with likes and comments both

66. A Kendall Jenner selfie is the most liked photo ever on Instagram

67. Videos gaining 36% less likes than photos

68. In 2014 photos with faces gathered for 38% of likes more than photos without them

69. Almost a half of Instagram comments include emoji

70. 50% of comments received in about 10 hours after posting a picture

71. 49% of Instagram users logging one time a day

72. 28% looking through Instagram timeline many times a day

73. 11% Instagram photos under hashtag #nofilter usually have a filter

74. The 85% of the most influential Instagram sportsmen are soccer players

75. Users with more than 1 million followers post nearly 8.58 posts daily

76. 3.5 billion likes registered on Instagram each day

77. 8500 likes registered on Instagram each second

78. 1000 of comments registered on Instagram each second

79. 21 minutes is the approximate time users spent on Instagram daily

80. The most popular Instagram filter is the absence of it

81. 83% of Instagram posts have hashtags

82. Instagram filter which gains more likes and comments than others is Myfair

83. Matt Black is the Instagram photographer of the year 2014 according to the Time Magazine

84. Pizza is the most popular food posted on Instagram

85. Sushi is the second most popular food posted on Instagram

86. California has the most part of Instagram fitness posts among the USA

87. Montana has the least part of Instagram fitness posts among the USA

88. $100 000 is the reported price of advertising post on Instagram on the one of the most popular Instagram accounts

89. 85 million of Instagram users apply the direct image messaging tool actively, it’s 25% of total amount of users

90. Fashion is the most engaged industry on Instagram

91. 90% of the global top-100 brands have an Instagram profile

92. 53% of Instagram users follow the brands

93. Nike is the most followed brand

94. $66.75 is the average sales order value for Instagram visitors

95. 28% of marketers use this app

96. Wednesday is the best day to post to get more interaction

97. Worldwide clickthrough rate on Instagram ads is 0.9%

98. $5.78 is the global CPM on Instagram advertising

99. $595 million is the reported revenue for advertising Instagram in 2015

100. $2.81 billion of mobile ads revenue Instagram will bring in 2017

This statistics is amazing! Hope this convinced you enough to understand that Instagram is a very profitable social network for business. Virtual assistant can help you to carry on your business account via Instagram: to select right posts for your target group of consumers, to gain popularity for spreading the required information as wide as the world is and more.