Google starts new specific initiative to cater the needs of development agencies

Google proclaimed their new specific initiative in the form of certification program to help software development agencies.

First time Google proclaimed their plans for this initiative last December, and since that time 13 agencies from Russia, India, USA and UK took part in this program and have been certified. Software development agencies are working with huge established customers and with startups as well.

Google underlines the fact it does “not support, or offer any guarantee, with respect to the confirmed offices.” Nevertheless, it is clearly seen that Google highlights a portion of the offices that Google recognize the best among the others. The emphasis here is for Android applications, Google lets to know that the project likewise incorporates support for offices that work with web applications, as well.

The software development agencies will get help in the form of customized trainings, committed content and priority access to the organization’s developer relations groups from Google. In addition, they will have the early access to the newest ucoming designer items.

Computing has an enormous impact on our lives, every day hundreds of millions of users around the world use mobile and web apps. Moreover, a number of the groundbreaking and innovative work was done by software development agencies. Google recognizes the impact these agencies have on an overall app ecosystem globally. These agencies employ tens to hundreds of talented developers each. They design and publish dozens of the top apps globally, every single year.

“Mutual mobile” is a regional agency that builds fortune from products for 500 companies using emerging technologies, they work for large companies and with small start-ups. The headquarters is in Austin, Texas, and 200 offices are located in Austin, 35 in India. The plan of this agency is to triple the workforce in India by 2017. They did more than 600 applications in the last seven years, this is the only company in India, which work with the Hollywood IT, for example, for “Madagascar” movie and “Star Trek” movie.

In recognition of the impact, the Developer Relations team has created a specific program to cater for their needs. This program tries to help them create work products of high quality and also help them improve their productivity. Virtual assistant can help developers to improve their productivity taking the responsibility for all administrational issues not to distract them from the development process. Virtual assistant can discuss organizational problems with the developers partners and much more. By the way, virtual assistant is cheaper than private secretary, but as much effective as a secretary.

In the first event, conducted in India organizators worked with over 350 developers across six different cities. The developers are impressed with the initiative that Google has taken towards building their relationships with various partners who are really engaged in the mobile app development, specifically on Android. They helps to build any work-arounds about technological complexities and probably how they integrate the ads, how they have the tools in the app to basically scale when their customer base grows up.

In these events, different aspects are touched upon, including technology, design, and process engineering. Using these events Google hope that developers can create better products and also create experiences that can delight users.

Decisions that they`re taking out today going to help developers in the overall development for Android. Developers got a lot of insights about Android M and Android L and the kinds of bridges they’re going to use for development. It’s a good start, so that every developer at a common level and that’s why developers can get into more advanced sessions in the future. So the developers are expecting to get that information from Google: what are the specific trainings, whether they should be doing hybrid or native, what are big players doing. Also, input which would help UNIX team to give a better experience about what customers want to build.

Google’s global lead for the agency program Uttam Kumar Tripathi : “We started working with agencies in the UK and India, and now expanding to additional regions. By using our understanding of various markets, we localize our content and offerings, hence ensuring it’s still made for each of our partner agencies.”

This initiative will greatly help to build great applications and make the ultimate user experience good for them and customers. The more streamlined the work of developers will be made, the more high-quality apps will be available on handsets for everyone.