How Virtual Assistant Can Help in Creative Marketing Using New Tendencies like Pokémon Go

Booming tendencies in IT and on the Internet around the world appears from time to time changing one another. The task of each business team is to recognize and use these tendencies to increase sales. The sooner it’ll happen, the more money you can get from it.

Do you really know the current level of insanity around Pokémon Go?

As indicated by Time Magazine, the amusement around Pokémon Go is greater than in situation when Tinder was going to crush Twitter’s higher amount esteem of active users per day. The testing of Pokémon Go enlarged reality app has ended up like this since it was launched on both Android and iOS application stores on the 6th of July.

Actually, it’s turned out to be huge to the point that police offices nationwide providing preventive cautions keeping in mind the end goal to secure the players’ wellbeing. Individuals stroll through the streets investigating a wide range of unsafe spots chasing different Pokémons.

You might be too busy to pay attention to this tendency, because on the surface this doesn’t make any sense for sales. Just think how this app can work for the prospecting, report of State of Inbound by HubSpot in 2015 notices that it is the most difficult thing in business connected with sales.

Furthermore, this is the place things get fascinating, yet it looks insane, but you can utilize Pokémon Go to convey prompts you!

Virtual assistant specialists shared three strategies connected with routines of virtual assistant that you can try to raise sales on the example of PoGo app for creative and effective marketing.

1) Arrange a Pokémon lure nearby your location to attract new customers.

Spend a little cost for a thing that is called “lure” – a module which attracts Pokémon to come, and, eventually, new clients. Spot the lure close to your location, the best place for a lure is your business establishment, the building of the office for example. In case you own a store or restaurant, or you’re a car merchant and so on., invest in lures. You can create an authorization for your free WiFi spot connected with social media accounts of your potential customers and fix this information. Virtual assistant can take control by tracking these accounts and send them proposals with offerings from your company, spreading different information, which can attract your new customers to use your services again.

If you have no clue to the retail business , you still can use lures for your profit. There are lot of stories when office workers made useful conversations and created new contacts attempting to achieve a record for PoGo. Make a Pokémon lure in your office’s parking area, and watch individuals assemble to play Pokémon Go while spending lunchtime and you may will be able to talk to the CFO of your target organization!

2) Spread the information about your services and goods at Pokémon exercise centers.

Pokémon exercise centers serve as special spots where you have the possibility to battle other clients’ Pokémon with a purpose to strengthen your pack. The battles are a method for progressing in the amusement, so training centers became such spots of gathering for many individuals from the time when the application was dispatched.

Discover an exercise center close to your location in the application and connect with the potential purchasers who take part in Pokémon battles. Convert virtual fights into real customers with virtual assistant! Virtual worker will create and update your new contact list and more client management routines.

3) Use Pokémon featured information in your listings.

You might think that your potential customers are definitely not interested in Pokémon and all the stuff connected with it, but take into account that approximately 9.5 mln people from the U.S. every day are playing Pokémon Go.

Most likely you have a potential client who’s into this game. Any reasons why you wouldn’t embed an information about Pokémon trend in your listings? You can write about pokemon you caught and the places you found them with adding images. In addition, you can use social media for such purpose. Place screenshots from the game under hashtags connected to the topic: for example, #pokemon or #pokemongo so it’ll be easier for your new customers to find them. Virtual assistant can prepare images and take care of social media regular posting and arranging of the posts, analyzing the data about shares, likes and comments.

Hurry up to get benefit from this trend while it is at its hottest!