Questions to VA. You Ask – We Answer

Experience shows, that there is a list of questions that are of great interest to our clients and are asked almost in each our interview by clients from all over the world.

Having taken this into account, we made a list of the very first questions.

What is your time zone? How can we contact you?

Our team is located in Ukraine (GMT+2). Communication usually takes place via Skype and e-mail (official correspondence), there are clients, who communicate with us additionally with the help of mobile applications, such as WhatsApp, Viber or other available means of communication. If it is necessary, we organize joint conferences with the help of other available means at the appropriate time agreed by the parties;

How could we know how much time do you spend on the particular task?

We send weekly reports on the executed work (very often except official weekly reports we also send daily reports as well);

How many hours can virtual assistant work with my tasks?

Everything depends on your own needs and your business needs. Taking them into account, we can choose the best package for your maintenance. Ultimately, you always can start with less hours and gradually increase them.

How can I protect me and my company from leak of data?

We sign NDA about data confidentiality that is included in the contract and besides, our computer systems are provided with appropriate protective means.

Why team of virtual assistances VAfromEurope is better than freelancer?

  • Considerable experience thanks to execution of various tasks;
  • Interchangeability (if necessary). You won’t feel person’s absence and your task will be carried out despite circumstances (VA illness, vacation…)
  • Continuous VA improvement (because of team trainings);
  • Presence of manager, who will have a full understanding of your particular business and your expectations, to ensure the effectiveness and continuity of work, timely reporting and necessary for you communication.

Our clients are:

Start Ups; Staffing agencies; Research establishments; Everyone, who has the necessity in site updating; Managers, who need an assistant to solve all their problems; Training centres, individuals and legal entities from different branches of economy.

Geography: North America (Canada, America), Europe, Asia, Australia.

Language of communication with the customer: – English, but team members can speak other languages (German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian – native)

What education do members VAfromEurope have?

Linguistic, banking, financial, technical, computer technology, international relations, tourism, management.


We hope, that this questionary helped you to get answers to the very first questions, that clients face.

Hereby, don’t forget that we – VAfromEurope, are always open to give answers to the new questions of our target and existing clients, which can be asked direct on our website.