Our Customers’ Requests (Part 1)

It is important for every customer to find a personal assistant or agency he can trust and have honest and open relations with.

With the increase of our virtual assistants’ team, our experience now covers a wide variety of industries and areas. Thereby, for each task we can dedicate that person, whose skills are the most appropriate to your needs.

Business owners use virtual assistants for everything – from customer services calls to optimization of social media sites or websites management.

To build a trust in relations with clients is very important for us. Sure, their choices are based on individual advantages and expectations.

There are a lot of tasks to do in our profession. To have a full understanding with clients about VafromEurope services, we start with a presentation of the tasks that can be done.

So, the client’s request: need a virtual assistant to work with administrative-searching tasks for 4 hours per day (20 hours per week) (Part-time package).

Everyday, the tasks are new and unpredictable. There are some common examples:

1. Task: I open a new office in one of the European countries. Need:

  • To find an office with the particular requirements and price;
  • To make appointments with real estate agents, to get a previous agreement

2. Task: I’m looking for a dedicated team of professional to work in the appropriate area. Need:

  • To find and make a list with full contact information of those people;
  • To schedule meetings/interviews.

3. Task: To find lawyers, who are specializing in the appropriate area of law, and who are the best in the required country and area. Need:

  • To create a list with lawyers, contact information and their reviews;
  • To schedule appointments and correspond with them.

4. Task: I want to change the country of residence and give the list of countries in priority. Need:

  • To make a list with the information about: climate, safety, fees for physical persons and entrepreneurs, requirements for visa;
  • To find an apartment to rent;
  • To find the kindergartens for children and to get the information about admissions and if they have free places;
  • To find public and private schools and full information about them (conditions, prices, reviews).

What skills should Virtual Assistant have to perform clients’ tasks?

  • Attention to details, communication skills (written and online communication), the ability to systematize information.

How did we help our client?:

  • Created databases with needed information;
  • Made appointments.

Client’s result: the office is opened, the dedicated team is employed, an apartment is rented.

As you can see, the list of tasks, that virtual assistant should perform, is various. A search of information and its analysis, correspondence with required people to get needed information, phone calls to different countries – all these require a lot of time.

If you are a busy person and you have a team with a few employees, or you are a Start Up, one of the solutions to solve urgent tasks is to cooperate with our team.