Our Customers’ Requests (Part 2)

We continue the series of articles about our daily tasks. In this one, we want to share with you one more example of what we deal with.

Our client – a research company that produces analysis of enterprise technology products, services, and markets.They often provide webcasts, do different researches and write articles with updated information. To do great job and conduct business, a company needs to be active in a wide variety of areas – social media, contacting potential customers, promoting different events and new articles. With the process of company’s growth and prosperity, it needs more specialists to help in these tasks.
So, they contacted VAfromEurope and our task is to help a client with all needed issues.

What are the main tasks:

TASK 1. Use WordPress to post articles and infographics on the websites. All client’s websites have to be active and updated. It includes posting articles each day, search new information on related topics and post them as infographics.

TASK 2. Promote articles and websites on social media. Active websites are good, but people have to get acknowledged about them. So, it requires a work with social media to advertise company’s work and new researches.

TASK 3. Create email blasts and newsletters to promote different events and webcasts. As a client often provides different events, there is a need to invite people to join. In this way, it is a process of creating templates and working with mass mailing.

TASK 3. Work with files of leads, who were participants in the events; to search data
about them and create a completed files with all needed information about people.

What has to be done and what skills are required?

1. A specialist of WordPress is needed to cope with tasks as creating website’s blocks and posting different content. It has to be an everyday task in order to have an active website.

2. A person who is an expert of promoting social media has to work with posting a content to client’s pages and to increase the number of followers. It also requires a lot of time to reach the point of success, when the social media page is popular and live (whether it is Twitter, Instagram or Facebook).

3. Constant Contact is used to create different templates for newsletters and eblasts. After the campaign is ready, it can be sent to different lists of people to promote client’s events.

4. A person with skills of data research, data entry, and data analysis is needed to complete the 4th task. Sometimes it’s not so easy to find all people of the list, and a specialist needs to know different tools and ways to get the required info.

As a result, a client has to be satisfied with all areas of his business. With such list of daily tasks, a company is becoming more popular, the researches and articles are posted, the websites are always updated, social media pages are active and interesting, upcoming events are promoted and all needed information is found and provided to a client.

We’ve created special templates to show the example of virtual assistant’s work in this project:

Our Customers’ Requests (Part 2)Our Customers’ Requests (Part 2)

We are very proud to work with clients, who grow with us and we are glad to be useful and involved in their success.