Our Customers’ Requests – Advertising and Promoting Social Networks (Part 3)

Following a series of articles about our everyday tasks, we continue to share with you our experience. This article covers advertising and promoting social networks.

The other our client deals with baking business (cakes, cupcakes), not producing, just posting various content in order to increase followers and promote pages in different social networks (FB,TW, Instagram). So, she reached our company in order to get help with promoting her business.

What were our client’s requests?

  • Promoting pages by increasing followers, likes and comments;
  • Looking for and choosing appropriate videos;
  • Creating eye-catching images with baking quotes;
  • Follow and reply comments;
  • Increase an Excel table of baking sites (links);
  • Like and join other baking groups, pages;

How did we help our client?

  • Firstly, a specialist looked through and analyzed all the pages and posts. In order to have more likes, sharings and comments, it’s necessary to identify your target audience and time for posting.So, the specialist defined the most appropriate time and number of posts for social networks. For each network it’s different.(e.g FB&TW – 3 posts a day, Instagram – 2-3 post per day). There were 3 different posts a day (1image, 1 video, 1 recipe).
  • To attract more people to like and join the community/page, the specialist chose the most common and interesting videos.
  • Then, the specialist created original images, using Canva or Photoshop, adding baking quotes to make them more noticeable.
  • In order to be in touch with followers and the people, who liked your page, it’s needed to comment posts and reply them.
  • Our client had an Excel table of baking website links, and we had to add the new ones in order to have new content for posting.
  • For having activity, comments on your page or community, it’s necessary also like and in other groups, in such a way increasing your followers or clients.

In consequence of our work, our client got more likes and comments in all social networks, all the pages are more visited, posts are shared and liked. It allowed the client to get target audience and receive more effectiveness from the business.